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The Main Features of Raids and Why They are Important for Gamers in Destiny 2

Raids are a very complex, interesting, important and profitable format for destiny 2 carry for all gamers.

This is a battle against a boss, who is the head of the dungeon, surrounded by a retinue, and in order to defeat him, you need to assemble a balanced squad, understand the techniques and skills of the boss, and the correct tactics to counter them, and of course just damage.

As a reward, all players will be able to get a chance to unlock weapons and equipment of higher quality and superior levels of power, which will help your character become stronger and prepare for new upgrades.

By the way, those trophies that are obtained from raids often cannot be obtained in any other way.

Raid Overview and the Story Reason Why Players Go to Dungeons

When a sudden alien raid hit the planet, players of all possible classes rushed to repel it and retreated to the main city, where they inflicted heavy damage on the enemies and began to push them back. You will learn about all this during training and completing the storyline, which lasts until level 20 and continues beyond.

During D2 raid carry, you will fight with the main opponents – the commanders and instigators of the entire situation, which almost completely destroyed humanity.

You will serve under the command of Saint 13 and fight against Calus, Riven, and Vexlami, and this is just a small part of the raids and strikes that await you in Destiny 2.

All dungeons are divided into strikes and raids and differ in the level of difficulty and the number of players needed for free access. The higher the difficulty and level, the higher the strength indicators of the captured items.

The fact is that each item has its own rank and power level, and it is extremely important for you to strive to increase it, both for admission to new raids and locations and simply to develop the effectiveness of your hero.

The higher your power level, the more valuable the drop you can get, and it is calculated on the basis of +30 from your current value.


These are mini-raids that are much easier than regular dungeons and only require three participants to complete the raids.

For beginners, this is a great way to practice for more complex tasks, and for players who always play with three players, this is an excellent source of experience and equipment that will be replenished regularly, although it will not be the best.

Strike can also be of increased difficulty if you are ready to challenge the format, in which you can get up to 270 power levels.

The Nightmare level strike is especially valuable and will help you get equipment and weapons that will help you prepare for difficult raids. It will also allow you to have kinetic and energy weapons for different scenarios when the boss uses different types of defense.


This is a more challenging and team-based format that requires at least 5 players just to enter the dungeons.

To attack bosses that are directly related to the alien invasion and at the same time gain for yourself an increase in your strength, which can be raised to level 300 if you regularly go to raids of normal, heroic, and mythic difficulty and for each new milestone you need to gather a group of up to 25 players, otherwise the system simply will not let you into the dungeon.

The greatest difficulty that can occur during an assault is the need to perform mandatory actions, such as pressing special plates or keeping your retinue away from the head of the dungeon. Otherwise, defeat will occur.

For victories in D2, the raids can receive unique equipment and weapons up to legendary quality and strengthen their hero.

The Most Common Mistakes that Can Lead to the Failure of Raids and Strikes

Misunderstanding and Misuse of Your Role

In Destiny 2 carry, during raids, each class must fulfill its role and not deviate from it because this is the character he chose for his gameplay.

For example, a titan is famous for its high armor and must hold the boss and dangerous guards on itself and not start trying to inflict damage on them because this is not its responsibility, and it can change its format of action only if the remaining tasks have already been completed and all that remains is to destroy the boss itself.

The same applies to the warlock, he should not forget about his duties as a healer and focus only on damage to the enemy.

The Hunter should keep his distance, only deal damage, and rely on his support during Destiny 2 raid-carry.

Poor Communication

Usually, a raid is divided into several stages, and it is extremely important that all its participants not only fulfill their roles but also help a friend in difficult situations, especially when you need to cover a tank or protect a warlock from breaking through the boss’s retinue.

Each player should know what to do, but at any moment, they could switch to other targets just to provide assistance and save the fate of the entire raid.

Each raid is full of surprises, which can happen constantly and especially often after the boss’s lifeline passes the 30% of total health mark, then you need to be especially on guard and help each other in order to concentrate the damage and defeat the enemy as quickly as possible.

Conclusion on the System of Raids and Strikes and their Role in the Plot and Strengthening of Characters in Destiny 2

The plot in Destiny 2 is quite dynamic when players use their last strength to hold the last city from attack by aliens and go on the offensive to knock out the invaders and explore new lands.

Raids and strikes are dungeons in which you will fight against bosses who are warlords and those who lead the troops who planned the raid, but at the same time, for killing such enemies, you can get weapons and armor with a high strength indicator for future flights to new planets, like Neptune, which was added in the Lightfall update.

Strikes are mini-raids where you will train and collect equipment and weapons for more difficult dungeons.

Raids are a more difficult format that has its own difficulty levels, minimum requirements for the number of players, and power level that all participants must meet to qualify.

It is in raids that you can raise your power level to level 300 and get different types of weapons, such as kinetic and energy, to knock down enemy defenses and cause damage.

For your D2 raid carries to be successful, you need to communicate with all participants and help others so that nothing can lead the raid to failure.

Each class should deal only with its own tasks and not switch to damage or helping allies when your character has a completely different role.

The titan must keep the boss and his retinue on him, the warlock must cover and heal him, and the hunter must deal damage and maintain a safe distance, and then the boss’s health will decrease very quickly. Remember that at 30% health, the dungeon owner will become stronger and more deadly, so you need to accumulate and concentrate your efforts specifically for the finale in order to remove the remaining health as quickly as possible and get your loot and achievements.