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SMS not working after SIM change: 7 Fixes

When your SIM card is changed, the phone will have to work out which new number you are associated with. To do this, it sends an SMS that can be read by anyone who has a list of numbers saved on their device. Here’s how to fix it if yours doesn’t send messages after changing phones.

The “dual sim text message not working” is a problem that many people have been experiencing. There are 7 fixes to fix the issue.

SMS not working after SIM change: 7 Fixes

SMS is still very much a requirement, even if it isn’t the favored means of communication these days. While your cellular capabilities should be unaffected by switching SIM cards or swapping SIM cards between devices, there is a potential you may have problems.

We’ll look at what to do if your SMS stops functioning following a SIM switch in this post.

In this case, the best course of action is to contact the carrier that your phone is locked to and request that they unlock it. However, depending on the conditions, this may be difficult.

Before unlocking the phone if it has been stolen or banned, the carrier may need you to meet certain standards or produce particular proof. It’s possible that you’ll be charged a cost for the procedure. Finally, some phones have a pre-programmed or connected phone number. In such circumstances, unlocking the phone is difficult, if not impossible.

When you provide a duplicate SIM, certain carriers, such as Jio, Airtel, or Vi, may block incoming SMS for up to 24 hours.

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Restarting any device, including our cellphones, is the first step in troubleshooting. If your phone is acting up, it’s likely that restarting it will solve the problem.

Toggling Airplane mode on and off has a similar impact to restarting your smartphone, although it affects the network more than the device.

Pull down the notification shade to access the Airplane mode option if you’re experiencing problems receiving SMSs. Toggle it on, wait for all of the connections to become dead, and then toggle it off.

Sometimes the problem is as simple as the SIM card not being properly inserted. It might also be dirty, causing it to lose touch with the SIM slot’s terminals.

Try turning your phone off, removing your SIM card, and then re-inserting it. If you can now make phone calls and have network coverage, your problems were caused by an incorrectly installed SIM card.

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Incorrect network settings might result in SIM cards not being identified or malfunctioning, among other issues. This will clear your WiFi networks, Bluetooth connections, cellular settings, and even your VPN settings.

Check out our comprehensive tutorial on how to reset network settings and the consequences of doing so here.

This issue is often caused by your phone selecting the incorrect network. Ensure that the network selection is set to automatic.

How to fix 'phone not allowed for voice'? |

  • Go to the Network & Internet section of your phone’s settings.
  • Select your SIM card by tapping it.
  • Tap Advanced.
  • Make sure the option to automatically choose a network is turned on.

After restarting your phone, it should be able to connect to the internet and send SMS messages.

Occasionally, a software update to the phone might assist in the resolution of network-related difficulties. If there’s a flaw in the OS or a problem with the current software version on your phone, upgrading it may solve the problem right away.

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The “what does it mean when a text message says failed” is an issue that occurs after changing the SIM card. Google has released 7 fixes to fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my SIM settings for SMS?

A: To reset your SIM settings for SMS, go to Settings > Wireless and Networks> Mobile networks > Network operator.

How do I fix SMS problems?

A: The cause of the problem is most likely that you are not using your phones default SMS app. Try going into settings on your device and make sure it is set to use the default app. If this does not fix the issue, contact Sony support for further assistance.

Why SMS is not coming in my phone?

A: The phone your using is most likely not compatible with the app.

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