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How To Pin One or Multiple Locations on Google Maps

Google Maps is a free map application that allows users to view and navigate maps on their smartphone. It’s an easy way for people to find directions, businesses nearby, or just explore the world around them by zooming in with Street View. In order for Google Maps to be most useful, you must pin your location before using it. That process is detailed below!

The “how to display multiple locations on google maps” is a question that has been asked before. To pin one or multiple locations on Google Maps, please follow this guide.

How To Pin One or Multiple Locations on Google Maps

Users may easily mark places on Google Maps so that they can get directions or share them with others, and you can even give them names. Here’s how to use Google Maps to pin destinations.

On Google Maps, you may put a pin on a single location or numerous locations or addresses. You may also create a map with routes to those pinned destinations.

This may be done on Google Maps for Android/iPhone or Google Maps for PC. To get started, just sign in to Google and open Google Maps.

How to use Google Maps to place a pin on a certain spot

Simply touch and hold on any spot on the map for a second to drop a pin. You’ll see the red location indicator on it right away, as well as its coordinates in the search box and a text that says “dropped pin” with its exact address.

You’ll find a label button immediately below that URL if you scroll down. Simply press the button.

dropped pin on google maps

After that, Google Maps will prompt you to change the label for the location you just pinned. Once you’ve dropped a pin, you may do the same things you do with any other named location on Google Maps, such as create directions, save the location, and share it with others.

naming a location on google maps

If you wish to pin numerous locations on Google Maps, repeat the preceding steps but apply them to various locations each time.

Simply go through this page if you want to generate maps or construct routes to those destinations.

How can I get rid of a pin from Google Maps?

It’s just as simple to remove a pin as it is to drop one. Simply choose the Saved option and scroll down to “Your lists.” Select Labeled. To remove a fallen pin, press the three-dots button on the right side of it.

accessing pinned locations on google maps

Remove the label by selecting it. At the bottom, you’ll notice a notification that says “Your label was deleted.”

removing a pinned location on google maps

On Google Maps, how can I see my pinned locations?

On Google Maps, there’s a quicker method to see all of your pinned places. You may do so by clicking More from the search box. By touching on any pinned place, you can go to it.

pinned locations

How to use Google Maps to travel around pinned places

If you’ve pinned many places on Google Maps and want to create routes between them, you may do it fast by clicking to the Go tab. To browse, tap each pin button in the Suggested list and choose Start.

direction of pinned locations

How to make a Google Maps map

You don’t have to manually put a pin at every spot then browse using the prior way if you want to construct routes of new pinned places. Instead, you may just make a map.

Open Google Maps in your web browser on your computer. Choose the hamburger menu option.

how to pin multiple locations as a route on a map

Choose where you want to go.

creating a place

Go to the Maps tab. Select Make a map.

saved maps on google maps

You may simply mark and name a map here, as well as add layers.

marking places

Simply pick the Add marker button below the search box to mark a location.

add a mark

To choose a location on the map, just zoom in and out while hovering over it. Simply click on it to mark it as a favorite.


If you choose, you may add the name and description of that location here. To save it, choose Save.

saving a mark

You may use the same technique to designate other locations. Simply click the Add marker button and set a marker on any key location on the map.

mark on created maps

Renaming the map is as simple as clicking the current map title. The layer may be treated in the same way.

renaming maps on google maps

After you’ve finished creating the map, go to Saved > Maps to access it.

list of maps you created on google maps

You may easily put a pin or several pins on locations using Google Maps. You may also create routes from such sites.

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Google Maps offers a feature called “Map layers” that allows you to add information about locations on the map. The “How To Map Multiple Locations on Google Maps from Excel” is a process that allows users to do this easily with no programming knowledge. Reference: how to map multiple locations on google maps from excel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pin multiple locations on Google Maps?

A: No, only one location can be pinned on Google Maps.

How do I put multiple locations on Google Maps?

A: You can add multiple locations to Google Maps by going into the settings and clicking on add location.

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