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What is Stilt?

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Stilt, a financial technology company specializing in lending and banking services for immigrants, recently announced that it secured a $14 million investment from venture capital firms. This new funding will enable Stilt to expand its mission of providing accessible and affordable banking services to immigrant communities. This article will explore the services offered and the potential impact of this new funding for immigrant communities.

Stilt is a startup that offers financial services to immigrants and other underbanked populations.

What is Stilt?

Stilt is a venture-backed fintech startup, founded in 2017 and based in San Francisco, California. The company has recently secured $14 million in funding to provide innovative, financial services to migrants and underserved people worldwide to give immigrants fair access to economic opportunities.

The platform caters to the needs of immigrants in any country and delivers comprehensive financial services — such as loans and banking accounts — tailored to best fit their financial requirements. It also provides access to key banking tools like budgeting apps and savings accounts that have traditionally been unavailable or difficult for migrants to secure due to an inability to verify traditional credit measurements, such as employment history or Social Security numbers.

In addition, Stilt’s secure online platform simplifies the application process for their customer base by streamlining traditional identification processes for secure document storage and eliminating extra paperwork associated with offshore or international banking applications — so customers can quickly get approved for a loan without needing in-person visits or lengthy waits by mail.

Tapping into new alternative data sources such as job verification reports, mobile phone data points, education/graduation documents, social media networks analysis and global support networks like Expat Network are just some of the ways Stilt is able make financial inclusion possible particularly for immigrants without reliable credit history or limited access to capital. Overall, Stilt’s aim is to make borrowing easy and provide customers with tools to better budget their finances while avoiding unnecessary debt.

Stilt Secures $14 Million to Bring Financial Services to Immigrant Communities

Stilt is a startup that offers financial services to immigrants and other underbanked populations. Founded in 2015, Stilt has already raised $14 million in venture capital funding. It is working to expand its services and make it easier for immigrants to access the financial services they need. This article will provide an overview of Stilt and its workings.

Stilt’s Mission and Goal

Stilt is a financial company that aims to expand access to fair, affordable and transparent financial services to immigrants in the United States. The company was founded in 2016 to address the situation of immigrants who often struggle to access basic amenities like bank accounts and loans.

With offices in San Francisco, Stilt is backed by renowned venture capital firms and allows eligible immigrants access to US banking, credit, and other financial services. To achieve its goal of providing financial inclusion for immigrant communities, Stilt has recently secured $14 million in Series B funding. This funding will be used for expanding their product offerings, accessing new markets and building out their data science capabilities.

Stilt currently offers products that enable their customers to open checking accounts regardless of immigration status, establish credit histories with the U.S.-based lenders and offer loans at competitive interest rates without requiring a Social Security number or government-issued ID.

In addition they also provide education programs that foster longer-term economic stability through partnerships and resource sharing within immigrant communities both on-the-ground and online resources designed just for this purpose. With this latest round of funding, Stilt plans on launching new products tailored to these underserved communities and expanding into new territories nationwide.

Stilt, a financial technology company specializing in lending and banking services for immigrants, recently announced that it secured a $14 million investment from venture capital firms.

Stilt’s Funding

Stilt, a start-up focused on providing financial services to immigrant communities in the US and Canada, recently secured $14 million in a round led by National Australia Bank Foundry and Figma co-founder Dylan Field. With this funding, Stilt seeks to expand access to banking opportunities and create a more inclusive financial system for immigrants regardless of origin.

The funding will allow Stilt to hire talent, expand into new markets, strengthen their risk model, and launch full product suites. In addition to the investment from NAB Foundry and Field, other investors include Tribe Capital Ventures, IGNIA Partners FGV OMEGA Fund II (FOM), Propel Venture Partners, Version One Ventures Rebright Partners, et cetera.

The capital raised will further fuel Stilt’s mission to provide immigrants with equitable access to essential financial services that can help immigrants more easily transition into the workforce and contribute meaningfully as citizens of their respective countries. These services range from low-cost loans for students seeking higher education opportunities (FundingU) to tools that enable comprehensive access to banking products such as savings accounts or credit scoring (StashAnswers).

With this additional funding under its belt Stilt is excited to build upon its mission-driven approach and continue striving towards a unified global economy that opens up newfound economic freedom for immigrants regardless of where they come from or what resources are available disposal.

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Stilt, a fintech startup offering financial services to immigrant communities, has secured $14 million in capital. The service is designed to provide immigrants with banking, credit, and loan options, focusing on credit-building tools to help them establish their financial identities in the US. This article will discuss Stilt’s services and their benefits to the immigrant communities.


Stilt is a financial technology platform that provides access to fair, convenient, and affordable financing options to immigrant consumers in the United States. Through its platform, Stilt makes it easier for immigrants to build credit and use banking services. By utilizing risk-based technology and data analysis combined with machine learning and traditional loan offerings, Stilt can provide the loans inaccessible for most immigrants in the United States until now.

Stilt offers an unsecured loan product at low interest rates with flexible repayment terms through its loans platform. Stilt also offers a secured loan product where borrowers can borrow up to $2,500 with payment flexibility when they use collateral (e.g. car titles) to secure their loan. As a result, borrowers can repay their loans almost any time without additional fees or interest rate adjustments.

In addition, borrowers from Stilt will receive individualized customer support via phone or email and access to education resources related to financial milestones in different stages of life such as paying bills on time or purchasing a car or home.

The platform caters to the needs of immigrants in any country and delivers comprehensive financial services — such as loans and banking accounts — tailored to best fit their financial requirements.

Savings Accounts

Stilt offers secure savings accounts to enable individuals and families to save money and access financial planning resources. In addition, Stilt provides a selection of secure financial services tailored to the unique needs of immigrants, legal permanent residents and visa-holders in the U.S. These services include high-yield savings accounts with no minimums, complex tax preparation solutions for internationals, and real-time mobile banking for all users.

For their basic account holders, Stilt offers an attractive interest rate on withdrawals made directly from their savings accounts. They also offer special incentives such as referral bonuses when customers refer friends or family members to open a Stilt account. Furthermore, Stilt also offers insured debit cards with zero overdraft fees, bill pay services, and a customer service team dedicated to providing one-on-one guidance for customers who need help managing their finances.

In addition to these basic account features, Stilt provides comprehensive financial education resources on their website which includes information about saving money through investing instead of saving it in traditional bank accounts with broader tax implications. This helps customers understand often complex rules related to non-banking services like the foreign earned income exclusion (FEIE) which allows foreign nationals living abroad (green card holders excluded) file taxes excluding income earned abroad up to certain limits. By understanding these insights customers can develop sound saving habits and achieve greater success when transitioning into secure financial practices throughout their lifestyles in the United States.

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Credit Building

Stilt focuses on providing credit building and loan services to assist immigrants and their families achieve economic stability and success. Stilt provides customers with access to affordable personal loans and lines of credit and a platform to build credit history through responsible usage.

Stilt offers free access to secured credit cards, low-fee bank accounts, money transfer services, and the ability to link outside data points like education records and government documents to help immigrant applicants secure more favorable loan terms. With these tools, customers can build good credit over time and access better financial opportunities.

Stilt also works with over 200 employers in the United States who offer their employees custom programs that match international payroll transfers made by employers in their home country of origin. This initiative encourages employers to provide safe ways for employees to access their wages at competitive exchange rates while helping them save time on transfer negotiations when paying bills back home.


Stilt Secures $14 Million to Bring Financial Services to Immigrant Communities is a milestone in the journey towards financial inclusion for immigrants. This new capital will be invested in Stilt’s mobile-first banking platform, allowing immigrants to access the bank accounts, money transfer and loan services they need to build their lives. Stilt’s mission is to provide immigrant communities with the financial services they need to succeed in their new countries. Let’s take a look at the impact this investment will have.

Helping Immigrant Communities

The startup, founded in 2015, has had tremendous success in helping immigrants get access to banking services. With their latest funding round of $14 million, they plan to expand their reach across the United States.

Stilt’s mission is to “provide financial services and credit-building opportunities to immigrants and underserved communities excluded from traditional banking systems”. Stilt enables customers access to quality and affordable credit products – such as loans, savings accounts and more – suitable for their needs. By facilitating these services for their customers, Stilt cracks open the door for immigrant workers and families into the wider consumer financial market and helps millions start a path towards financial health.

In addition to gaining better economic stability, Stilt provides users with support tools like flexible repayment options allowing customers to defer payment until after receiving their paycheck.

This helps these communities build good credit histories outside of being part of the traditional US banking system – a major challenge faced by people living in immigrant communities. With this funding round led by Speedinvest and partners such as Homebrew Ventures and Core Innovation Capital on board; hopefully many more can benefit soon!

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Financial Literacy

Stilt is a mission-driven company that provides low-cost financial services to help immigrant communities build long-term financial security. It does this by making it easier for immigrants to access banking services and offering financial education and literacy resources. Through these services, immigrants can gain the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the US financial system in an informed way.

Through its recently acquired $14 million from investors, Stilt hopes to expand its innovative suite of services into additional immigrant communities across the country. This investment is an important step forward in providing access to financial information, products and products tailored for immigrants in the US with more efficient technology and improved convenience.

With this new funding, Stilt plans to continue their commitment to increasing financial literacy among immigrants living in America by developing educational initiatives that help break down complicated pieces of information into digestible, easy-to-understand, and actionable knowledge. The platform also wants to connect people directly with designated advisors who can clarify key finance-related topics. All of these efforts are directed towards improving financial health amongst immigrant communities when managing their finances and achieving long-term economic goals.

Stilt offers secure savings accounts to enable individuals and families to save money and access financial planning resources.


Stilt has shown itself as a trailblazer in providing financial services to immigrants. Its $14 million Series A funding will help Stilt to expand its reach and create greater access to financial services for immigrant communities. This funding round is also a testament to how innovative FinTech companies create solutions to serve a long-neglected population. This article has explored the impact of Stilt on immigrant communities and how its services could revolutionize financial inclusion.

Stilt’s Commitment to Helping Immigrant Communities

Stilt is a financial platform specifically designed to provide access to financial services for immigrants with temporary visas and those who are underbanked. Founded in 2015 by Shivani Siroya, Stilt was created to bring fair, transparent, and reliable financial services to marginalized immigrant communities.

Stilt recently secured $14 million in funding to continue providing better access to financial services for immigrants. They have dedicated most of the investment towards expanding their platform’s capabilities and increasing their cooperative impact on providing financial services to underserved populations. This new funding will allow them to expand into new markets, such as Mexico and the wider Latin America region.

The money will also be used by Stilt to invest in technology that can provide customers with responsible banking solutions without requiring them programs or papers commonly needed for signing up for bank accounts. At its core, Stilt is committed to be part of an inclusive economy that provides equitable access to powerful resources – including credit and other banking products – across communities regardless of immigration status. With this recent funding injection, they hope to bring these vital resources closer than ever before.

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