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Sweepstakes in 2023: Your Ultimate Guide


Sweepstakes giveaways have always been popular around the country for the excitement they offer to entrants and the chance to bag awesome free prizes. They have also long been popular with the companies that run them as an organic way to engage new customers. Sweepstakes remain enduringly popular in 2023, and lots of people choose to enter them on a regular basis.

If you plan to do the same, it is key to know what these kinds of competitions are about first. Here are some things you should know about sweepstakes in 2023:


Before we look a little closer at sweepstakes in 2023, any decent guide should start at the beginning with what they actually are. While this might sound obvious, it is key to pin down what a sweepstakes giveaway is and what they entail. This will help you get a better understanding of them and how they work if you plan to get involved.

In simple terms, sweepstakes are defined as competitions where prizes are given at random to those who enter. They must also be prize draws where no skill is needed to win. The other key thing to note about them is that you do not need to spend any money to enter a sweepstakes giveaway. You may also see sweepstakes competitions referred to as prize giveaways due to their nature.

Online sweepstakes casino games

The above gives a good introduction to traditional sweepstakes giveaways that you may choose to enter. Modern developments in this area, coupled with the digital revolution in society though, have resulted in different ways to experience them.

Playing sweepstakes games at specific sweepstakes casinos online is a good example of this. There are plenty of safe and secure sweepstakes casinos to play at in 2023, which are legal in the vast majority of US states. This type of casino game operates in much the same way as traditional prize giveaways.

Players sign up with a dedicated sweepstake iGaming site and are able to play fun casino games without spending any cash. They instead use coins given to them by the casino to play and can redeem certain coins they build up for real-world prizes in some cases. It is also possible for players to purchase virtual currency at sweepstakes sites if they wish in a bid to win virtual prizes, which can then be redeemed.

Sweepstakes duration

A key part of entering traditional sweepstakes draws in 2023 is knowing about duration. All competitions like this will only run for a set period of time, and it is crucial to know how long the sweepstakes draw you enter will last. This is necessary as it helps you to enter before it ends or before the deadline for entries finishes.

All sweepstakes should specify how long they will last, with the deadline for entries clearly shown in their rules. There is no standard duration, as some companies may run monthly giveaways while others may run draws that only last for a week.


Having said that, many firms will run sweepstakes competitions for a couple of weeks. They feel this provides the ideal balance between being long enough to get plenty of entries but not so long that people forget about it.

For people who like to play sweepstakes draws, a shorter duration can be better as it means there is less time for people to enter. This should equate to fewer people in the draw and a better chance of winning the prize. If you like to play cutting-edge sweepstakes casino games online, the duration is normally how long the game you are playing takes to complete.


Although you can find lots of sweepstakes competitions to enter every day of the week, not all are open to everyone. This makes it key to check who can enter first before spending time doing so.

As you might expect, different prize draws have different rules in this area. Some may have eligibility requirements based on age, where you live, your occupation, or only be open to existing customers of the company running the draw.

Sweepstakes casino games online also come with certain rules about who can play them. These are also worth checking first so you know you are able to try them out before attempting to register with one. The most common eligibility requirements here include your age and sweepstakes casino games being legal in your state.

How to enter

In the past, entering a sweepstakes draw would have been done via pen and paper. The impact of digitalization on life has caused this to change drastically. The most common way to enter now is online, and this is a much quicker, easier way to do it. In addition, some sweepstakes draws may also enable you to enter via text message, QR code, or email.

This brings us to how you can find out about the latest prize draws to get involved with. Many people will keep an eye on dedicated online blogs which report on the newest sweeps currently active to enter. You may also choose to sign up for an online newsletter that brings the latest sweepstakes draws into your mailbox or keep an eye on social media accounts that do the same.

If you prefer to play casino games based on an online sweepstakes model, you would need to find a reputable internet casino to register with that carries these kinds of titles.

Entry limit

In addition to the rules around eligibility, most sweeps will have entry limits attached to them. This is simply the number of times someone can enter the same sweepstakes giveaway. As you might expect, this is normally limited to one entry per person.


If sweep giveaways did not do this, people could enter multiple times, which would not give everyone else a fair chance of winning. It is key to stick to the rules around entry limits and not try to get around them. This is not only unethical but could also see you thrown out of the draw.

Online sweepstakes casino games do not have any such entry limits, as they allow you to set your own stake levels to play for. These types of games will have their own rules, and it is important to follow these at all times.


Although sweeps can award cash prizes to entrants, it is possible to win a much wider range of freebies. The exact prize will depend on the company that runs the draw and what they have selected to give away. This can be anything from clothes to electronic goods, such as the Galaxy Watch from Samsung, holidays, cars, gaming consoles, household appliances, and much more.

Sweepstakes games at internet casino sites can also offer real-world prizes in some cases. This means players can redeem certain virtual coins for prizes, including cash or gift cards.

Prize drawings

All sweepstakes draw will be run for a specified duration and also have a set date and time when the prize draw will be made. This should be clearly shown in the giveaway details and is essential to make a note of. This enables you to check when the draw has been made and see if you have won a prize. If you do win, the company running the sweepstakes should contact you via phone or email to confirm.

Online casino sweepstakes games do not need you to wait for any prize draw, as any coins won in a game will be paid into your online casino account instantly. If you do redeem any for real-world gifts, the exact timescale for these being processed can vary between platforms.

Official Rules

As with any official prize draw, all sweepstakes must have official rules which cannot be changed after the draw has begun. The most common you will see are:

  • No purchase is needed to enter
  • No skill is needed to win, and winners are drawn at random
  • Start and end dates of the draw
  • Eligibility requirements
  • How to enter
  • Limits of entries
  • Odds of winning
  • Description of prizes
  • How winners are drawn and notified
  • Details of any sweepstakes sponsors
  • Void jurisdictions

As with any type of competition you may enter, it is key to understand the rules of any sweepstakes before getting involved. Online sweepstakes casino games will also have their own set of gameplay criteria and rules attached to the casino you play at to follow.


If you are lucky enough to win a major prize in a sweepstakes giveaway, you may be asked whether you want to remain anonymous or receive publicity around your win. This may be coverage in the local press but could be national or international for truly astounding wins.

It is key to think carefully about this before making any decision. While letting everyone know about your lucky win might sound appealing initially, publicity can sometimes include unwanted attention. The same is also true if you win big at an online casino sweepstakes game and get asked about publicity by the casino platform involved.


Sweepstakes giveaways have been popular for a long time, and they are certainly still thriving in 2023. This is not only because of the cool prizes people can win but also the marketing boost they give to companies who run the giveaways. With online sweepstakes casino games showing how these types of draws are evolving in the modern age, it will be interesting to see where they head next.