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Strategies for Roulette


Versatility is among the key factors that make roulette a favorite of most players. It has a diverse range of gaming options, which increases any player’s winning potential. With the right strategy, gamers can walk away with massive winnings.

This comprehensive guide details how to play roulette for money, focusing on popular winning strategies. Read on to learn how to implement different playing systems at different gaming intervals and how to skew the odds in your favor.

What is Roulette?

Roulette is a casino game involving a ball and a revolving wheel with numbered sections. Dealers drop the ball on the wheel, and online casino real money players wager on the position where the ball will rest.

Gamers can make different types of predictions. They can choose the following sections to place their wagers.

  1. The specific number where the ball will stop
  2. Whether the number will be higher or lower than a certain figure
  3. Whether the number will be odd or even
  4. The color of the section where the ball will stop (black or red)
  5. Groupings of numbers between which the ball will rest

5 Greatest Winning Roulette Strategies

Despite the simplistic nature of roulette, you need a winning strategy to dominate the game. Below are the most common strategies that players around the world have been using to rake in the chips:

The Martingale Roulette Strategy

Martingale is the most popular and highly straightforward playing system. It involves a player doubling down on their wagers each time one faces a loss, hoping for a win that recoups those losses.


To play this strategy, you wager on the same number or color after a loss and keep doubling until you win. However, this system is reserved for high rollers because it may become unmanageable when one fails to win a game after a handful of spins.  

The reverse Martingale strategy involves increasing wagers on winning wagers after and reducing them after a loss. This ensures you capitalize on their hot streaks and lowers their loss potential.

The D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

D’Alembert is a negative progression-playing system. It’s ideal for wagers with even money payouts. When playing this strategy, gamersincrease or decrease their wagers by one unit, rather than doubling them; this strategy is considered a safer alternative compared to the Martingale system. It works well for first-timers.

To begin, a player can wager $5, for instance, and increase the amount by $1 after each loss, then decrease it by the same amount after winning. Since a win is more likely to come after a loss, increasing the wager amount helps to even out the stakes. As with the Martingale strategy, one can also choose to follow this system in reverse.  

The Andrucci Roulette Strategy

Andrucci Roulette Strategy is a high-risk gaming system that you should use with caution. Gamers believe as the game progresses, more numbers will appear more regularly. However, it’s important to note that this is only an estimation and has not been proven.

To play the Andrucci roulette strategy, a player should begin with random wagers and note down their outcomes. Once they have wagered about 30 times, they should check the numbers that appear the most and make straight wagers on them.

While there are no guarantees that this strategy will work, it has the potential to yield 35:1 payouts since it relies on straight-up wagers. It’s also easy to follow once a player chooses a number. However, it has the potential to deplete a gamer’s bankroll quickly, which is why it is reserved for the risk takers.

The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

The Fibonacci strategy also requires a high-risk player. It uses the same theory that applies to the Fibonacci Number Sequence, where the next number in a chain is obtained from a sum of the two preceding numbers.


Players can start by wagering $1, for instance. Their next wager will be $1, then $2, $3, $5, $8 if the unlucky streak continues. However, if they win at that moment, the player gets $16 and returns two numbers behind to continue with a $3 wager.

While this system does not influence the outcomes in any way, it does not need a massive bankroll since the stakes climb at a slower pace compared to other strategies. Furthermore, it has the potential to bring higher payouts after several wagers since the stakes don’t reset after just one win.  

The James Bond Roulette Strategy

This system, which is commonly known as the beginner’s favorite, only works well when one has a decent bankroll. It combines gameplay to give a player the best chance of winning on roulette.

When playing the James Bond Roulette Strategy, players can start with a $200 stake. They should then split the stake by wagering $50 on the 13-18 box, $140 on the 19-36 range, and $10 on the zero. They can only lose if the outcome is between 1-12. However, if they win, their payouts will be $80, $100, and $160 on their respective wagers.  


While roulette is a game of chance, it does help to have a strategy to maximize one’s chances of winning. The above are some systems you can try out the next time you game at an online casino for real money. Always remember to study the game well before you play, diversify your plays, and try out several strategies to increase your chances of winning.