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Stilt’s API enables neobanks and fintechs to offer credit products

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Are you a fintech or neobank looking for an easier approach to offer credit products? Stilt, a lending platform, has revolutionized how credit products are offered with its secure and reliable API.

The platform recently secured $114M in debt and equity, giving customers access to affordable, flexible credit.

Introduction to Stilt’s API

Stilt is an API platform that enables banks and fintechs to offer credit products to customers with no credit histories or underbanked customers. In 2021, Stilt secured $114M in equity and debt financing to help expand its network of partners that can benefit from its technology.

Stilt’s API provides access to a range of credit products, including traditional retail loans, business loans, and lines of credit. In addition, its platform offers an intuitive interface designed to be easy-to-use for all levels of experience, allowing customers, developers and lenders alike to quickly and easily access lending products immediately.

The beauty of Stilt’s API lies in its ability to empower non banks and fintechs who may not have the infrastructure or resources needed for traditional loan origination in-house. By utilizing Stilt’s technology stack, neobanks and fintechs can offer a wider variety of loan products tailored to their customer base with little effort involved on their end. Furthermore, Stilt supports seamless integration into existing banking systems through secure APIs, ensuring secure user data transmission from one system to another with minimal disruption.

For banks interested in leveraging new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) for smarter risk assessment capabilities throughout their customer lending lifecycle journey, Stilt has partnered with leading AI/ML providers such as Matter Labs and Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Services to help improve decision accuracy and speed across every part of the customer experience. By leveraging these technologies along with its suite of APIs, neobanks looking to launch a broad range of credit offerings can get up-and-running quickly without any prior expertise.

Benefits of Stilt’s API for Fintechs and Neobanks

Stilt’s API (Application Programming Interface) offers neobanks and fintechs a simple and efficient way to launch credit products on their platform. By leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and advanced credit analytics, Stilt makes it easier for financial institutions to access important verifiable customer data quickly and accurately. This helps them make better-informed decisions regarding risk management and loan approval processes.

Furthermore, Stilt’s API allows financial institutions to easily manage the end-to-end process of verifying customer creditworthiness. This includes integrating various systems such as identity verification, due diligence checklists, document management systems, etc. Additionally, with features such as configurable rules engine to set-up scoring models in real time; underwriting automation; automated fraud prevention checks; customized dashboard for reporting key performance metrics; advanced analytics support for loan document submission tracking; advanced notifications based on user triggers; secure messaging solutions for internal collaboration — Stilt helps financial institutions simplify their entire lending process.

Besides these significant benefits that help optimize loan processing times and decision making processes, financial institutions can take advantage of the secure infrastructure offered by Stilt’s API — ensuring optimal protection of customer data privacy at all times. Furthermore, with its user-friendly interface design that is customizable according to each institution’s needs and powerful integrations capabilities, Stilt ensures secure access to financial services in an easy yet effective way.

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How Stilt’s API Works

Stilt’s API enables neobanks and fintechs to offer credit products faster and more efficiently. This innovative platform enables companies to create customer experiences tailored to their customers’ needs. By leveraging technology, Stilt’s API helps reduce the time it takes for companies to launch credit offerings.

The platform works with existing processes such as applications, loan origination, payment processing and customer experience management. Companies can benefit from Stilt’s extensive experience in the banking and lending industry, allowing them to easily set up their credit product offerings and securely access data across multiple sources. In addition, Stilt offers up-to-date regulatory compliances and fraud prevention capabilities that ensure seamless and secure operations.

Additionally, Stilt helps companies ensure customer satisfaction by providing automated workflows and flexible reporting structures that help improve customer engagement. Finally, companies can use Stilt’s advanced analytics capabilities to gain valuable consumer insights quickly. With all of these features, organizations can stay competitive while reducing overall costs associated with credit product offering launch and management processes.

Stilt secures $114M in debt & equity to help fintechs and neobanks launch credit offerings with its API

Stilt, a technology-enabled financial services platform, recently secured $114M in debt and equity to expand its offerings. This funding round contributes to the company’s ambition of helping neobanks and fintechs launch their credit products quickly and easily. Stilt’s API enables such companies to offer customers access to credit more efficiently and quickly than ever before.

The primary investor in this latest funding round was the venture capital firm Greenoaks Capital. According to Wirecards’ Corporate Venture Capital arm Traxion, several existing investors participated in the financing, including Kleiner Perkins, Luxor Capital Group, Propel Venture Partners and Creative Alpha.

Stilt CEO Rohit Mittal noted that the funds will help them continue to build a technology platform that can meet the needs of quickly-evolving markets worldwide. Mittal said that this latest round “will enable us to expand our capabilities for fintechs looking for seamless integration solutions and neobanks looking for rapid product launches.” In addition, he hopes these investments will give Stilt more opportunities to provide their customers with efficient access to financial products.

Through its innovative technology platform, recently increased funds, and strong customer focus, Stilt is well-positioned as a leader in enabling neobanks and fintechs to launch credit offerings via its easy-to-use API worldwide.

How Stilt’s Funding Will Help Fintechs and Neobanks

The recent $114M funding for Stilt, a financial API startup, will help neobanks and fintechs launch credit offerings and expand into new markets. In addition, the funds will support product innovation, technological development and growth initiatives, enabling Stilt’s partners to offer comprehensive credit solutions to their customers.

The funding includes a $94M Series C equity round led by Coatue Management LLC and additional debt financing from TriplePoint Ventures and other investors. With this investment, Stilt also received valuable operational guidance from its new and existing investors on implementing credit products in the fintech space.

At the heart of Stilt’s success is its API technology. It enables fast, secure integration with lenders who offer lending services to neobanks and fintechs in several countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America and North America. The company offers unparalleled speed, scale and flexibility for its partners who enjoy a tailored lending experience through the access of different credit options — from flexible repayment plans to custom scoring models. In addition, Stilt offers tools such as a decision-making engine and analytics capabilities that enable banks/fintechs to quickly deploy their loan products while eliminating time-consuming manual processes so they can focus more of their time on understanding customer needs rather than managing back-end operations.

As more neobanks/fintechs join forces with lenders on their platforms using the power of APIs such as those offered by startups like Stilt they can drive better customer experience while preserving brand recognition — benefiting customers while enhancing trust relationships with current clients.

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What Credit Products Can Be Offered Through Stilt’s API

As part of its debt and equity raise, Stilt is diversifying their product offerings allowing fintechs and neobanks to securely launch credit products through their API. As a result, Neobanks, those that offer mobile-first banking services but are not chartered as banks, now have options to offer customers the ability to borrow loans at a lower cost than traditional lenders.

By connecting account data to traditional lender’s processing pipelines and offering a seamless user experience, Stilt’s API can allow users to easily analyze their creditworthiness. In addition, the API enables businesses to submit a loan request on behalf of the user, allowing them to receive approval in minutes.

The API also offers affordability assessment for loan eligibility requirements. It enables businesses to check if customers can afford the requested loan without over-burdening or overextending their available financial resources. This helps ensure responsible lending practices on behalf of the business by confirming that customers can comfortably repay their loans within an appropriate time frame without risking negative financial consequences due to defaulting or delinquency.

Along with providing easier access to credit by leveraging modern technology, this brings all the benefits of secured loans with features such as real-time tracking notifications delivered straight from lenders directly via Stilt’s API platform into one simple interface making it easier than ever before for consumers and businesses alike.

Stilt’s API Compared to Other Solutions

For neobanks and fintechs needing a robust and reliable credit solution, Stilt’s API is an ideal choice. Compared to other offerings, Stilt simplifies onboarding customers and issuing credit lines (up to $30k). This streamlined process allows developers to quickly build and launch unique credit products.

Stilt utilizes an entirely automated process, allowing individuals access to capital even if they may not have well-established credit histories. In addition, by leveraging alternative data sources such as bank accounts, job history and international education, Stilt can give more people access to affordable financing that would otherwise be denied.

Integrating the neobank or fintech’s platform is easy via simple APIs that bridge your application with Stilt’s back end platform. This seamless integration makes it easier for banks and fintechs to expand their product offerings without developing their technical stacks from scratch. Plus, due diligence processes can be built into the automated system of Stilt’s API so you can reduce risks while providing customers with faster decisions.

Thanks to its powerful loan processing capabilities, secure framework and integrations across multiple mobile platforms such as iOS & Android , Stilts API has emerged as an efficient one-stop solution for neobanks striving for robust loan casks management systems that are fast and easy-to-use. Moreover, with $114M in debt & equity funding recently acquired by Stilt, neobanks & fintechs will now have access to the necessary resources required make their mark in the lending space while increasing revenues through value add profit skims across the stack using rewards programs bundled with the underlying line item loans provided over API by firms like #StiltsAPI solutions.

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The ability of Stilt’s API to automate the process of making credit products available to neobanks and fintechs sets it apart from other solutions in the market. In addition, the partnership between Stilt, neobanks and fintechs provides a mutual benefit where neobanks and fintechs can bring in more customers with access to credit products. In contrast, Stilt can provide a secure customer data platform and boost its brand presence.

Stilt’s recent success stories have proven that the company can achieve strong growth. This feat was supported by its latest financing round which raised 114 million dollars in debt and equity. The future looks bright for Stilt as it continues to create new opportunities for both neobank customers and brands. With demand for digital banking solutions rising, now is the time for businesses partnering with Stilt to capitalize on this opportunity.

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