It’s getting scary out there – with all the new apps coming out every day, the new versions of iOS being released on a near weekly basis and so many websites being designed for mobile touch screens it seems like new discoveries are made every single week. This one’s pretty cool and useful.

This week I found a great little shortcut that can be performed on an iPhone or iPod touch. The short cut is activated by holding the Google logo which appears when initiating a search on your device, then pushing it down and off of the screen to reveal some hidden options – including lists of related searches and trending searches.

How to clear clipboard iphone

If you’ve done a Google search recently on an iPhone or iPod touch then chances are, that you know what we’re talking about with the “Pinch and Zoom” feature. If your not too familiar, just search it up in Safari and follow along: Go to in your web browser, then perform a google search. Now try to zoom in on the page by pushing two fingers apart on the screen – see how it zooms into that webpage?

Now if you already know about this trick, don’t go around telling people because there are bound to be at least a few who will have no idea what your talking about even after you show them.

Swipe left or right to go back or forward a page on Safari

You have to have iOS 6 or later on your iPhone or iPod touch in order for this feature to work. This trick is really cool and will definitely save you time when having to go backwards or forwards on a page of a website that you’re looking at. To get more help, show this video on how to do it: you haven’t upgraded to iOS 6 yet, it’s available for iPhone and iPod touch devices on the iPhone 3GS and later as well as all versions of the iPad and iPod touch models after the 3rd generation. The OS update is available for free on iTunes or via Apple’s OTA software update process which only requires an internet connection and a device with 50% battery life to initiate.

Iphone 4 trickshooting

Most commonly known as the “pinch and zoom” feature, this one will probably come in handy for most iPhone or iPod touch users. In order to use this you’ll need iOS 4 or above on any device that supports the software. The video below will walk you through everything nicely:

How to turn off an iphone 3gs

This is a pretty new trick that was found by the guys over at iDeviceHelp – it really works but you need to upgrade your device if you haven’t already. It’s always free on iTunes or via Apple OTA software update. You can find more information about this short cut over at this article here:

How to turn on an iphone 4s

Another great thing that you can do with your iPhone or iPod touch is checking if certain apps are running in the background – this one could come in handy for those times when you’re not sure if your device is running a certain app or not. If you follow along in the video below it’ll show you how to do everything:


Iphone Hidden Shortcuts – As with the majority of new tricks being found for iOS devices, many of these come from apps that have been released on Cydia. I think you’ll agree that they’re pretty useful; anyone who reads this article would probably be more inclined to spend some time checking out some of these shortcuts. They’re all pretty simple for the most part, so if you know how to use your device in general then you’ll have no problem doing these.