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Rayovac vs. Duracell Batteries: Are Duracell worth the extra money?

When it comes to batteries, there’s Duracell and then there’s everything else. Is the premium worth it? Let’s find out!

The “which battery lasts longer energizer or duracell experiment” is a question that has been asked for years. The answer to the question is an experiment that can be done in the home.

There are many different sorts of batteries that you may use in your home’s numerous gadgets and devices. But, with so many different brands to pick from, how can you know which to purchase?

This tutorial will walk you through the many kinds of batteries available from Rayovac and Duracell. Each part will assist you in determining which option is best for you. As a result, you can guarantee that you get the most out of them while utilizing them in any appliance or gadget.

Alkaline Battery Comparison: Rayovac vs. Duracell

When it comes to the top brands of alkaline batteries, there isn’t much of a difference between them. Rayovac and Duracell batteries, for example, have a shelf life of roughly 10 years. However, in most circumstances, you will discover that they will only endure approximately 6 to 7 years.

Here’s where you can get Rayovac and Duracell batteries:

72 Count AA Batteries by Rayovac

epsoak epsom salt 5 lb

CopperTop AA Batteries, 24 Count by Duracell


Is Rayovac Better Than Duracell?

Indeed, there isn’t much of a difference between these two battery manufacturers in terms of performance. When Rayovac batteries were put to the test, they performed exactly as well as Duracell batteries.

If Rayovac had made a misleading claim that its batteries lasted as long as Duracell’s, you’d think Duracell would have filed a false advertising lawsuit against them.

Duracell Or Rayovac: Which Is Cheaper?

Rayovac vs. Duracell: Cost per hour of battery lifeRayovac Duracell cost per hour

When comparing the prices of these batteries, you’ll see that Rayovac batteries are less expensive than Duracell batteries.

So, let’s have a look at the various kinds of batteries available from Duracell and Rayovac.

Comparison of AA Batteries: Rayovac vs. Duracell

AA Battery Comparison

These two businesses offer all varieties of AA batteries that are 1.5 volts and the same size. All AA batteries have a diameter of 14.2 mm and a length of 50 mm. However, there are a few distinctions between Rayovac AA batteries and Duracell AA batteries.

Rayovac batteries cost $0.34, while Duracell batteries cost $0.68. At Amazon, this is the lowest per-battery pricing in the largest battery count bundle.

Another distinction is the battery’s operating time. If you used a Rayovac AA battery in a flashlight at 0.5A for 3 hours, it would need to be replaced. A Duracell battery, on the other hand, would last up to 3.25 hours.

Despite the fact that Duracell batteries have an 8% longer run time than Rayovac cells, Rayovac comes out on top when it comes to battery life cost per hour. The cost of a Duracell battery is $0.209 per hour, whereas the cost of a Rayovac battery is $0.113 per hour.

Here’s where you can get Rayovac AA Batteries:

Rayovac AA Batteries

Rayovac AA Batteries

Comparison between Rayovac vs Duracell AAA Batteries

Comparison of AAA Batteries

These batteries may be used in a range of devices, including TV remote controls and Amazon Firesticks. Although both Rayovac and Duracell batteries are 1.5 volts, they vary in capacity, run duration, and cost per hour of battery life.

A single AA Duracell battery costs $0.65. The Rayovac battery, on the other hand, is substantially less expensive at $0.29.

A Duracell AAA battery will last 1.5 hours when used constantly with a 400 mA LED flashlight, whereas a Rayovac AAA battery would last 1.1 hours. You’ll want to purchase Duracell AAA batteries after seeing the results, and you’ll get what you paid for.

However, keep in mind that the cost per hour of battery life is where you’ll see a difference. A Duracell AAA battery costs $0.433 per hour of use on average. It costs $0.264 for a Rayovac AAA battery.

Here’s where you can get Rayovac AAA batteries:

AAA Rayovac Batteries

Rayovac AAA Batteries

D Cells Comparison: Rayovac vs. Duracell

These days, 9v D Alkaline batteries are required to power a vast number of products. These batteries are often used in flashlights and smoke alarms, so you’ll want one that won’t need to be replaced too frequently.

You’ll discover that Rayovac and Duracell both offer a large assortment of 9v batteries to pick from. However, there are a few variances between these two brands to be aware of.

Comparison of D Batteries

Note: The pricing is based on Amazon’s lowest per-battery price in the largest battery count bundle (Oct 2021).

The first distinction is the cost per battery. The cost of a Duracell 9v battery is $1.70. The Rayovac 9v battery, on the other hand, costs just $0.90 per count.

There is a significant variation in battery run duration between these two batteries. They both have a shelf life of up to ten years. The Rayovac 9v D battery, on the other hand, has been found to last 9 hours longer than the Duracell battery.

This leads to another significant difference between these two D-size battery brands: the cost per hour of battery life. Each Rayovac 9v battery costs $0.037 on average, whereas the Duracell 9v battery costs $0.113 on average.

Our idea that Duracell will last the longest was disproved. Because our research shows that Rayovac lasts longer than Duracell, we got to this conclusion. This also shows that even if batteries are more costly (like the Duracell was), you may not be getting a better battery for the money. is the source of this information.

It’s now much simpler for you to choose the right D cell battery for your devices. Don’t be hesitant to get a Rayovac battery since it is a superior battery at a lesser price.

Here’s where you can get a D cell battery:

Alkaline D Cell Rayovac

Rayovac Alkaline D Cell

Hearing Aid Batteries Comparison: Rayovac vs. Duracell

You may now use a variety of different brands of hearing aid batteries, just as you do with conventional batteries. In general, most hearing aids need 312 batteries to function properly.

But which of the 312 batteries is the best? Which ones are better: Rayovac or Duracell?

Duracell has the best 312 battery capacity.

Duracell’s 312 batteries were deemed to be the top in a research a few years ago. Unlike the Rayovac 312 battery, which could only supply power for 204 hours, Duracell 312 batteries could offer power for up to 276 hours.

Price of Rayovac vs. Duracell 312 Battery

The pricing of the Rayovac Extra Advance and Duracell 312 batteries differ, as you can discover when you browse online.

One Rayovac 312 battery costs between $0.29 and $0.59 on average. Duracell 312 batteries, on the other hand, cost roughly $0.31 on average.

The Duracell 312 batteries are somewhat more expensive than the Rayovac Extra Advanced 312 batteries, but they are much less expensive than the Rayovac Proline batteries.

It is important to remember, however, that Rayovac also offers a hearing aid battery. This is called as the Proline Advanced, and it is much more expensive than Duracell’s. Each of these batteries will set you back around $0.60. is the source.

Is Rayovac Better Than Duracell?

312 Comparison of Batteries

Note: The pricing is based on Amazon’s lowest per-battery price in the largest battery count bundle (Oct 2021).

There isn’t much of a distinction between these two brands in several regards. When properly kept, both of them are guaranteed to endure for up to four years.

These batteries are also available in several packs. Duracell 312 batteries come in a pack of 60. When it comes to Rayovac 312 batteries, however, you may buy packs of up to 80.

In terms of cost, we believe Duracell 312 batteries are superior than Rayovac batteries.

Note: Whether you use Rayovac or Duracell batteries, remember to let the new battery air for 5 minutes after removing the sticker. Allowing the battery to rest for a few minutes before inserting it into the battery door extends the battery’s life by nearly a full day.

Here’s where you can get Duracell 312 batteries:

312 Duracell Hearing Aid Duracell Hearing Aid Duracell Hearing Aid Duracell Hearing



Rayovac Batteries are manufactured by Rayovac.

The original Rayovac batteries were manufactured in the early 1900s and were dubbed “The French Battery Company” at the time. The name was modified to “The Rayovac Company” in 1934.

Energizer, on the other hand, has been producing Rayovac batteries since 2018. This was after they bought the business from Spectrum Brands in order to get access to Rayovac’s technologies.

Is it true that Rayovac batteries are manufactured in China?

Unlike several other kinds of batteries, Rayovac batteries are not manufactured in China. All of their alkaline batteries are still manufactured in Fennimore, Wisconsin.

However, the business has opted to establish plants in Europe, as well as one in Guatemala, to manufacture its batteries. Rayovac’s heavy-duty batteries are made in Guatemala by a firm named North Tech. Because North Tech is a Chinese-manufactured private label “heavy-duty” grade battery, some people appear to believe Rayovac batteries are created in China.

If you’re searching for batteries that will last a long time and won’t break the bank, go no further than the Rayovac brand.

The “rayovac vs duracell aa batteries” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to this question depends on the type of battery and what you are using it for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which battery lasts longer Duracell or Rayovac?


What brand of AA battery lasts the longest?

A: I do not know what brand of AA battery you are using, but they typically last anywhere from 2-6 years.

Which brand batteries last the longest?

A: Samsung batteries are famous for being the longest lasting. They take up a lot of space, but they last long enough to be worth it.

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