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Best 10 Fireproof & Safe File Cabinets For Home And Office

Fireproofing is the process of protecting against fire damage to structures or contents. Fire safety can be achieved by various means, such as physical protection (for example, sprinkler systems), reducing flammable materials in an area, and limiting access with security devices that are sensitive to heat. Most file cabinets have some combustible material inside them that will ignite if exposed to a flame for more than a few seconds. No matter what type of cabinet you choose, there are ways you can make it safer from potential fires.

The “best fire proof safe” is a document storage device that offers a variety of features. These features include the ability to withstand heat, water, and humidity. The best fireproof file cabinets are also lockable for security.

Do you wish to keep your important papers and valuables safe in the high-security file cabinet?

Then you should look into fire-resistant file cabinets!

These file cabinet kinds will provide you peace of mind in the event of an emergency, such as a fire, a flood, an explosion, or other unforeseen events. We’ll compile a list of the highest-rated goods and provide a helpful shopping guide.

The Top 10 Fire-Resistant Cabinets


Lightweight File Cabinet by FireKing

Item that is very heavy When it comes to fireproof office cabinets, FireKing is one of the most well-known brands. Their versions are handcrafted in the United States and come completely constructed. The dimensions of this 2-drawer fireproof file cabinet are 28″ tall, 18″ wide, and 22″ deep. It’s pretty hefty, weighing in about 140 pounds.


Heavy-duty steel with an electrostatic powder-coated finish is used in the Medeco Lock Construction. Its purpose is to hide the safe behind a phony drawer panel. Hanging file folders may be stored in the bottom drawer, while personal items can be stored in the top drawer. Your belongings will be safe with a Medeco lock with high security.

Points to Consider:

  • popular brand
  • completely built when it arrives
  • fabrication of heavy-gauge steel
  • a secret safe
  • a single drawer for filing
  • high-security Lock by Medeco


Vertical File Cabinet Phoenix

Cabinet for Vertical Files Phoenix is a cabinet for filing vertically with the greatest degree of security available. This 280-pound grey model is 28 inches tall, 19.8 inches wide, and 25 inches deep. Papers, CDs/DVDs, USB devices, and memory sticks are all protected by it. Two large drawers are included.


Drawers for Files Both drawers are intended for storing hanging letter and legal-size file folders. A high-security lock keeps your stored things safe in the Phoenix 2-drawer fireproof file cabinet. Phoenix has been tested for explosions, fires, and extreme temperatures, and it has shown to be resistant to all of them.

Points to Consider:

  • cabinet for filing vertically
  • Documents, USB devices, and memory sticks are all protected.
  • two spacious drawers
  • Letter and legal-size files may be accommodated.
  • Fire, explosion, and high-temperature resistance
  • a locking mechanism with strong security


Lateral File Cabinet by FireKing

Cabinet for Lateral Files The exquisite champagne color of this lateral FireKing filing cabinet is offered. However, if you want to see additional colors, go to FireKing’s official website or Amazon. The unit’s measurements are 52.7″ tall, 31″ wide, and 22″ deep. It’s a four-drawer fireproof file cabinet of the highest quality.


Resistant to Explosion It’s built of steel and has an environmentally friendly electrostatic powder coating. Hanging bars for file folders are included in four of the high-side drawers. The fireproof insulation is built entirely of gypsum and strengthened with a 1″ x 2″ galvanized welded steel lattice. It’s fire, impact, and explosion resistant.

Points to Consider:

  • lateral filing cabinet, big
  • has a large volume capacity
  • Multiple color options are available.
  • Constructed of steel with an environmentally friendly finish
  • four drawers on the upper side
  • fire-resistant insulation of the highest grade


Phoenix Letter File Cabinet, Vertical

Heavy-duty filing cabinet This is a high-quality file cabinet that weighs 200 pounds and is 25″ deep, 28.5″ tall, and 16.8″ wide. Phoenix is made of high-quality steel and has an oven-baked enamel paint finish. It has two drawers that are suspended in three directions.


The Labyrinth Sealing System is a system for sealing labyrinths. Place letter-size file folders in each drawers. Water damage is prevented by the Labyrinth sealing system and specific gaskets. The Phoenix fire and waterproof file cabinet has been tested for fire and explosion at 1700 degrees Fahrenheit and 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively. For fire protection, this is the industry standard.

Points to Consider:

  • a sturdy and long-lasting filing cabinet
  • Constructed of steel with an oven-baked enamel finish
  • two drawers (letter size)
  • Water damage is avoided thanks to the labyrinth sealing system.
  • conforms to industry standards
  • Fire, water, and explosive resistance


Electronic File Cabinet Aegis

Construction Using Reinforcements Assembly is required for the Aegis safe, which comes with pre-drilled holes. It may be used to build permanent wall cabinets or shelves. It may be used at home, at the workplace, or in a business setting. The robust steel design of this fireproof locking file cabinet is strengthened for optimal security.


Lock using an electronic device The exterior dimensions of the unit are 18.9″ tall, 17.3″ wide, and 14.2″ deep. A soft flannelette cushion is included inside Aegis to protect your stored belongings from harm. Shelves may be moved around. It can withstand a fire for 30 minutes and has a temperature rating of 1400°F. For further security, there is an electronic locking system.

Points to Consider:

  • assembly is required
  • fabrication of reinforced steel
  • has shelves that can be adjusted
  • electronic lock
  • high-security locking system


Lateral File Cabinet Phoenix

Item with a Large Size This Phoenix model is broad and horizontal, making it excellent for handling large amounts of papers. It comes in three different colors: putty, black, and grey. It is quite hefty, weighing in at 480 pounds. The product’s measurements are 38″ wide, 28.7″ tall, and 23.6″ deep. Solid steel structure ensures long-term durability.


The Phoenix Sealing System is a fireproof lateral file cabinet with two drawers, each with its own insulated container. Letter-size and legal-size files are kept in both drawers. This file cabinet will safeguard your stored data for at least one hour if it gets caught in a fire. Water damage caused by fire hose spray is prevented by its sealing mechanism.

Points to Consider:

  • lateral filing cabinet, wide
  • Three hues are offered.
  • steel construction sold
  • two document drawers with plenty of space
  • Protection against fire and water


Ivory White File Cabinet by FireKing

Model in Ivory White The FireKing lateral file cabinet comes in an ivory white finish. This model comes in a variety of colors, which you can see on FireKing’s official website or on Amazon. The unit’s measurements are 40.2″ tall, 44.5″ wide, and 22″ deep. Storage is provided by three drawers on the upper sides.


Lock that is UL-listed A follower block is included in each drawer for file folder organizing. A high-security UL-listed key lock is incorporated into the top drawer. All three drawers may be locked with a single key. The fire, impact, and explosion resistance of this fireproof lateral file cabinet has been proven. The test comprises a 1700°F exposure.

Points to Consider:

  • white filing cabinet in ivory style
  • lateral filing cabinet, wide
  • a variety of hues are available
  • three high side drawers
  • high-security lock
  • Fire, impact, and explosion resistance


Sentry Safe Cabinet in Black

Sentry Safe is a tiny and compact gun safe file cabinet with metal construction that fits in any office. It measures 14.6″ in depth, 16.9″ in breadth, and 10.6″ in height and weighs 27 pounds. The robust metal construction offers solid security for your stored treasures.


Locking System Powered by Batteries It has a moveable shelf that you may customize to fit your requirements. The electronic lock on the Sentry Safe features an override key. The file cabinet is equipped with live-locking bolts for further security. Because there is a battery-powered digital locking mechanism, four alkaline AA batteries are required.

Points to Consider:

  • metal structure that is strong and long-lasting
  • a small size
  • digital locking system that is powered by batteries
  • shelf that can be removed
  • system of electronic locks
  • 4 AA batteries are required.


Medium Honeywell Safe Box

Item with a Small Size Honeywell is a 46.9-pound small office file cabinet with exterior measurements of 12.9” height, 15.9” width, and 12.6” depth. This is a fire-resistant and waterproof file cabinet that has been licensed and tested. High-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies are used by the maker. Its cost is reasonable.


UL (Underwriters Laboratories) This safe safeguards your possessions from fire, theft, water damage, invasion, and unwanted entry. Files in letter and legal sizes, USB flash drives, CD/DVDs, and other items are stored here. Honeywell has a UL fire protection rating of up to 1550 °F for 30 minutes. It will also keep your material dry.

Points to Consider:

  • field cabinet that has been certified and tested
  • building of excellent grade
  • a reasonable price
  • papers, CDs/DVDs, and USB flash drives
  • fire and water resistance
  • system of high-quality key locks


Tigerking File Cabinet with Lock

Live-locking Bolts Tigerking is a vertical filing cabinet with a gun safe. It measures 25″ in height, 15″ in depth, and 17.3″ in breadth and weighs 70 pounds. It has a strong steel structure and a thick 10mm door plate, as well as five sturdy live-locking bolts. The door is reinforced with pry-resistant hidden hinges.


Alarm Goes Off Your stored things are protected from injury by soft interior layers. It comes with a retractable shelf and a lockable inside compartment for valuables. Tigerking is fire and water resistant. A double key lock is included with the keypad on a computer. You may create your own 8-digit passcode. The alert is activated when improper entries are made.

Points to Consider:

  • vertical file cabinet
  • inside box and adjustable shelf
  • structure made of solid steel
  • Bolts with a robust live-locking mechanism
  • fire and water resistance
  • electronic keypad

What You Should Know About a Fireproof Cabinet

This shopping guide for fireproof cabinets includes important information. Learn about their qualities, including fire and water resistance, construction quality, lock mechanism, and more.

File Cabinet Size – There are many different sizes of file cabinets on the market. There are fireproof lateral file cabinets, vertical objects, portable and small safe solutions to pick from. The size of your file cabinet is determined by your storage requirements. Before you purchase, double-check the product’s measurements.

Independent Fireproof Rating – UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and inspection business Intertek, which uses the ETL mark, test and grade most fireproof safes and filing cabinets. The higher the grade, the more secure and high-quality the filing cabinet or safe.

Waterproof Rating – Water may do as much damage as a fire, therefore having a waterproof file cabinet is essential. Water damage from fire hose spray or sprinklers is avoided with this kind of file cabinet. We strongly advise purchasing a “full packed” file cabinet since the fire protection is insufficient.

When it comes to choosing a fireproof file cabinet, the fire ratings are sometimes disregarded. The 1-hour fire-rated file cabinet types are recommended. If your filing cabinet catches fire, they will offer ample protection for at least 1 hour.

Look for a locking mechanism with a high level of security. Medeco locks are quite popular. Electronic digital keypad models often include a physical key as a backup. You may establish your own password and keep your saved stuff secure using the numeric keypad.

The “fireproof document safe” is a product that can help you store your documents in a more secure way. It will keep your files away from fire and water damage, while also protecting them from thieves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best fireproof safe for home use UK?

A: Fireproof safes are available in a variety of sizes and price points. The best fire protection is achieved when the safe door meets or exceeds 30 minutes at 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit for flame-retardant materials.

Do fireproof safes actually work?


How much does a fireproof safe cost?

A: Fire safe prices can vary depending on what options the buyer wants to purchase. A basic fireproof safe will usually cost around $100, but if you want one with a combination lock or electronic locks, these may be more costly.

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