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Phocas’ capital raise will help the company expand

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Phocas, the software-as-a-service company, recently announced that it has raised $45 million in capital to help the company expand its capabilities.

The investment will help the company expand its product offerings, scale its operations, and hire more talent to support its growth.

This capital raise round is a big milestone for Phocas and comes at an important time for the company.

Let’s explore the details further.

Overview of Phocas

Phocas is an innovative company working to revolutionise the way people access and exchange information. Founded in 2013, the organisation works to provide solutions for customers across various industries. Its mission’s core values include quality, honesty, respect and a commitment to customer service excellence. It is driven by a belief that everyone should have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information, regardless of their specific business requirements.

To build upon this vision of creating an open platform for knowledge exchange, Phocas recently announced a successful capital raise of over 20 million dollars. This funding will be used to expand its products embracing areas such as predictive analytics and improved customer-side data aggregation products across sectors. With its existing reporting and dashboard solutions and data enrichment capabilities, Phocas has moved into one of the top positions providing comprehensive data insight solutions for its clients.

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Overview of the capital raise

Phocas recently announced the finalisation of a capital raise enabling the company to fund further expansion initiatives. This article provides an overview of the capital raise and discusses its potential impact on the organisation’s growth.

The capital raise was led by Accel Ventures and involved a combination of debt and equity financing. The total investment equaled USD 4 million and comprised USD 2 million in debt financing for short-term operational needs and $2 million USD in preferred stock for long-term expansion initiatives.

This influx of funds will allow Phocas to expand operations by accelerating product development, investing in expanded sales channels, and boosting marketing efforts. It also provides additional financial flexibility that may aid in making strategic acquisitions or entering new business segments. Moving forward, the additional capital will be instrumental in allowing Phocas to keep pace with competition and seize its share of industry growth opportunities.


Phocas is a software company that provides advanced business intelligence and data analytics software to mid-sized businesses. Founded in 2009, the company is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with offices in San Francisco, London, and Tokyo.

Recently, the company announced a capital-raising round of $45 million to expand the company’s presence and development of its products across global markets.

This section will discuss why this capital-raise will help the company expand.

Reasons for the capital raise

Phocas recently completed an $8 million capital raise from private and institutional investors to expand its operations. The capital raise will allow Phocas to provide additional resources needed for growth and strengthen its position in the market. It will also help the company establish a strong foundation for growth and development.

The additional capital raised by Phocas allows the company to enhance its existing technology platform, build new customer experiences, and accelerate consumer adoption of their products while also allowing them to invest in new customer missions critical to sustainable long-term growth. The capital raise is also helping Phocas further bolster their team as they continue to scale their business.

Furthermore, this capital may be used by Phocas to further complement their existing strengths by pursuing strategic investments within emerging and future technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and cloud computing among others that can help scale total addressable markets (TAMs) with improved customer experiences and insights. This constitutes the ability for Phocas to create new value for customers through greater efficiency, quality improvements, and faster decisions enabled by AI/ML powered insights into operations data, ultimately leading to personalised customer experiences.

The funds from the capital raise also enable Phocas’ longer-term financial need such as already-recognizable investments in marketing efforts; global expansion including hiring of key personnel; restructuring functions in conjunction with purchase of essential services necessary for successful day-to-day operations; commitment towards mergers & acquisitions (M&A), if it becomes required; amongst many other purposes that fulfil the goal of long term sustained business performance opposed to chasing short term gains.

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Details of the capital raise

Phocas recently announced a successful capital raise, raising £16.5 million in the form of a placement of 12,246,789 new ordinary shares. The capital raise was aimed at bringing in new investors to the business before commencing its Dual Listing on London’s AIM and Euronext Paris markets.

The transaction was highly oversubscribed and saw strong demand for Phocas’ ordinary shares from institutional investors in London and France. Non-executive Director Paul Kelshaw increased his company ownership by investing £2 million as part of the placing alongside existing investor Capnamic Ventures who also invested an additional £1 million in Phocas’ ordinary shares. Existing shareholders, including Alter Groupe, Craig Close, Diane Cramer, Quocirca Ventures and minority shareholders, participated in the raise with no new institutional funds brought into the business.

Proceeds from this placement are expected to be used primarily to expand market reach, provide more sales support to customers throughout Europe, and focus on product development of current solutions and expansion into adjacent markets.

Phocas raises $45 million in capital raise

Phocas, a business intelligence software provider, announced the completion of its recent $45 million capital raise, signalling the company’s exponential growth.

This capital raise will help the company leverage its position in the analytics industry and expand its operations.

This article will explore how this raise will impact the company’s future.

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How the capital raise will help Phocas expand

The recent capital raise by Phocas is a positive step for the company. The company can develop new products and services with cash infusion, expand into new markets, and increase marketing efforts. Additionally, it will enable Phocas to hire more staff as it looks to provide better customer support.

New Products: Phocas can create innovative products that meet customer demands by investing in research and development. Whether these demands include added functionality or higher levels of efficiency, Phocas can use the capital to respond quickly and capitalise on any opportunity that arises.

Expanding Into New Markets: Taking advantage of lucrative yet underserved markets is an effective way for companies to expand their business. With its extensive resources, Phocas can explore these markets using market research and carefully weigh their options before deciding which makes the most sense.

Marketing Efforts: Building brand awareness through digital marketing campaigns is crucial in today’s competitive business landscape. To maximise visibility in target markets, companies must allocate a significant budget for advertising campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, etc., along with more traditional forms of advertising such as television spots or radio commercials. The additional funds from this capital raise allows Phocas to do just that without worrying about making ends meet or sacrificing important projects due to budget constraints.

Hiring More Staff: Customer service plays a major role in any company’s success, but having enough staff to provide quality customer care can often be challenging, especially with limited resources. With its new investment from this capital raise ,Phocas has enough financial resources to hire additional personnel to appropriately answer inquiries and help customers solve problems efficiently and effectively.

How the capital raise will benefit customers

Phocas’ latest capital raise signals its commitment to delivering innovative cloud-based analytics solutions to customers. The substantial injection of funding will enable the company to expand upon its existing product and service offerings, create new technologies, and develop efficient delivery platforms that better meet customer needs.

Specifically, customers will be able to benefit from enhanced analytics capabilities with increased accuracy and ease-of-use. Furthermore, the capital raise allows Phocas to extend beyond its current geographic focus into new international markets, thus benefiting customers through additional availability and localised support. This additional funding also enables access to more specialised expertise dedicated to enriching customer experiences through improved informational services and timely deliverable updates.

The investment raised by Phocas allows the company to capitalise on new opportunities while focusing on their core competencies – delivering cloud-based analytics solutions with supreme accuracy, reliability, flexibility and scalability. With this increased emphasis on customer experience, Phocas is poised for success as they enter into this next stage of development as a company.

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