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How Vivun Helps Enterprises Accelerate Product-Market Fit

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Vivun provides a purpose-built platform that helps enterprises accurately assess and measure product-market fit (PMF) to make better decisions faster. Vivun’s unique platform combines sophisticated frameworks and tools that evaluate market forces, customer feedback, performance metrics, and more to create a singular view into how users interact with products and gain insights into the success of their product initiatives.

With Vivun, enterprises can easily identify areas where they require improvement or need to pivot before they invest further in developing new versions of their products or launch new product ideas. This quick access to market data allows them to launch smarter products that stick with users faster than ever.

Using their unique combination of features, enterprises can track any type of success metric including :clicks on a page, time spent in a feature, metrics based on usage behaviour trends over time (behavioural analytics); usage trends for individual customers (premium feature); customer segmentation related to user flows and behaviours; qualitative feedback collected from user surveys; customer complaints collected from social media signals; sentiment analysis from text analytics tools; custom sentiment analysis based on natural language processing techniques; integrations with popular tracking systems like Google Analytics and Mixpanel; automated lead scoring capabilities to prioritise prospects; root cause analysis using AI technology to help discover root causes underlying customer feedback & experiences due to underperformance or lack thereof; predictive analytics visualisations helping uncover future iterations of innovative products before it’s too late.

This enables them to quickly develop a comprehensive understanding of quantitative and qualitative data points as they relate directly to their product-market fit and other vital measurements like product performance, revenue potential & user engagement offering insights & recommended actions all at once.

What is Vivun?

Vivun is a cloud-based software solution designed to help enterprises accelerate product-market fit through early customer feedback. Using Vivun, customers can quickly implement a process for collecting and analysing feedback from customers and prospects to assess the value of their products, determine which features customers prefer, identify opportunities to improve new and existing products, and stay ahead of competitive threats.

The Vivun platform allows teams to easily collaborate on product development initiatives. With centrally located feedback data, users can access key insights from customer conversations in minutes instead of hours or days. Vivun also allows users to segment customer data by demographic or geographic region for deeper analysis that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

By combining large volumes of qualitative and quantitative data into tangible insights, Vivun helps companies like PayPal develop new products faster, attract more customers with better policies and marketing campaigns, personalise user experiences with greater accuracy, and maximise impact across their businesses. Through its robust feature set, dedication to innovation and security compliance posture, Vivun helps businesses innovate faster while remaining secure against potential threats.

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Vivun Snags $35M Series B to Help Enterprises Accelerate Product-Market Fit Through PreSales

Vivun has recently raised $35M in Series B to help enterprises accelerate product-market fit through pre-sales. Vivun’s platform provides a comprehensive solution that helps enterprises streamline product-market fit activities and gain insights into buyers’ decisions more quickly.

This article will discuss how Vivun helps enterprises accelerate product-market fit.

PreSales Platform

Vivun’s PreSales Platform is designed to help enterprises accelerate product-market fit by leveraging customer insights, data analytics, strategies and practices. This platform has three main components: customer insights, data analysis, and product launch.

Customer Insights: Vivun’s PreSales Platform gathers customer feedback through customer surveys, interviews and other qualitative research. It also leverages tools such as predictive analytics to analyse customer behaviour to identify patterns and trends in customer preferences. This allows enterprises to adjust their product offerings accordingly to better meet the needs of their target market.

Data Analytics: Vivun’s PreSales Platform provides enterprises access to real-time analytics dashboards that track key metrics such as engagement and user retention. These insights can be used to optimise features or adjust product-market fit strategies for maximum impact on consumer demand.

Product Launch: Vivun helps enterprises understand the competitive landscape when launching a new product or service by assessing competitor positioning, pricing models, target market demographics and more. It also maps out the most effective approach for go-to-market activities such as advertising campaigns and marketing initiatives for their products or services to gain maximum traction among their target customers quickly.

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Data-Driven Insights

Data-driven insights are invaluable to modern enterprises seeking to understand customer preferences and fine-tune product offerings accordingly. Vivun’s suite of analytics tools provides a comprehensive view of customers’ needs and behaviours. Companies can leverage these insights to craft products that fulfil customer demand, accelerating the journey towards product-market fit.

Vivun offers various metrics and analytics, including customer feedback reports, conversion rates based on live product usage analytics, market segmentation analysis, pricing trends and more. Additionally, companies using Vivun can track usage data over time to better understand their customers’ behaviour patterns. The platform also allows companies to build custom analytics dashboards for specific teams so they can gain deeper insights into key performance indicators related to their products.

With Vivun’s data-driven insights, businesses can gain faster visibility into customer needs and quickly respond with appropriate product updates or feature enhancements that meet those needs. DevOps teams have an easier time troubleshooting new functionalities in real time with an end user’s perspective – saving precious time and resources while propelling the journey toward reaching desired outcomes such as scale or shorter release cycles.

Overall, by leveraging agile methods and powerful data driven insights throughout the product development lifecycle – enterprises can accelerate project velocity while delivering high quality solutions faster than ever!

Automated Processes

One of the main ways that Vivun helps accelerate product-market fit for enterprises is through automated processes. Vivun’s technology automates key steps of the sales and marketing process to make it easier for sales teams and marketers to reach customers more quickly and efficiently. By automating key processes such as lead scoring, content creation, customer segmentation and lead tracking, Vivun enables businesses to quickly identify opportunities, target those opportunities with high-impact messaging and optimise resource allocation across different segments.

In addition to its automated processes, Vivun leverages data analytics to provide real-time insights into customer behaviour. By analysing customers’ buying habits and other patterns, Vivun gives its clients a better understanding of their target market. This helps them craft targeted messages for each market segment, leading to improved conversion rates. The automation also simplifies the workload for sales teams. Hence, they can focus on engaging with potential customers more personally when it matters most—when closing deals. Finally, since an AI algorithm effectively manages data in Vivun’s system, businesses don’t worry about missing opportunities or delaying customer engagement due to manual errors or inefficient use of resources.

vivun saas 35m series menlo venturesvizardventurebeat

Vivun’s Recent $35M Series B Funding

Vivun’s recent Series B funding of $35 million has created much buzz in the industry and is seen as an endorsement of the value and potential of their PreSales platform.

This investment will help Vivun provide enterprises with the acceleration technology needed to quickly reach product-market fit and ultimately help scale their businesses.

Let’s take a closer look at the impact of this funding and what it could mean for Vivun.

Overview of the Funding

On May 18th, 2021, Vivun announced its successful closing of a $35 million Series B funding round, led by existing Insight Partners with participation from new investor Summit Partners. This influx of funds will give Vivun and its customers the resources to scale more rapidly, helping more enterprises accelerate product-market fit and become high velocity organisations.

Vivun is a real-time customer feedback platform that helps product teams gain more accurate insights faster than other solutions on the market, using automated sentiment analysis and cognitive intelligence. The platform puts mission-critical customer feedback into the hands of product makers so they can deliver an optimal experience for their users.

The funding will allow Vivun to expand globally as it continues to build its team and grow its customer base. This includes supporting new industry initiatives focused on elevating user experience within product software. In addition, Vivun plans to use funds from this round to advance its data science capabilities and accelerate innovation in natural language processing (NLP). With a larger team behind them, they plan on accelerating delivery of features such as smart threading—making it easier for users to track all comments related to a single feature request or bug report—and visualisation tools that bring customer feedback to life with interactive dashboards.

How the Funds Will Be Used

Vivun, an enterprise platform that helps accelerate product-market fit, announced a $35M Series B funding led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA). This most recent round of funding brings Vivun’s total funding to $46M since its founding in 2019.

The additional funds will be used to scale and accelerate current features’ development and expand Vivun’s platform. Specifically, Vivun intends to use the funds to add new features, develop new integrations with existing partners, and scale into more global markets throughout Europe and Asia Pacific. Additionally, with this round of funding, the company will expand its team with several points of focus including engineering, customer success, marketing, sales and operations.

Vivun is a platform designed to help enterprises realise product-market fit faster. It provides detailed comparison insights across key market segments and real-time feedback that captures buyers’ experiences during their research journey. The resulting product offers customers more clarity on how their offerings compare to others’, enabling them to make decisions about product market positioning faster & smarter.

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