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OEM Unlock: How to, Uses, Advantages, Disadvantages

OEM Unlock, also known as an OEM unlock code or a product key is a type of software license that enables the user to use specific hardware devices. In order to purchase device-specific licenses from their manufacturer, owners must provide information about their device and its unique identifier (part number). This process has been greatly simplified with the advent of online retail websites such as Amazon and eBay where users can simply enter in the part numbers for each piece of hardware they wish to purchase and receive instant results on whether it qualifies for this kind of licensing.

OEM Unlock is a feature that allows users to unlock the bootloader of their device. This can be done by using software or hardware, and it will allow the user to install custom ROMs on their device.



Do you want to learn more about OEM unlocking? Do you want to expand the capabilities of your device? Do you want to personalize your phone with your favorite features?

If you answered yes to any of the following questions, this article is for you.

OEM Unlock on Android Devices: What Is It?


The word OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” Sometimes it’s referred to as “Jailbreaking.”

OEM unlocking is the process of setting your device’s unlock ability flag to 1 instead of 0. OEM Unlocking refers to the process of unlocking a device that has been locked by the original manufacturer.

The bootloader is protected by the manufacturer to prevent illegal access to your device, which we’ll talk about later.

More on the Technicalities of Locking/Unlocking the Bootloader may be found here.

So, let’s start with the bootloader.

What exactly is a bootloader?


If you’ve ever dabbled in the realm of technology, you’re probably familiar with the term “booting.”

The process of booting is just the act of executing iso images on your device, and the application that does so is known as a “bootloader.”

“Booting” refers to the process of creating a bootloader to execute that image.

Is it safe to unlock the bootloader?

Yes, but only if you are tech-savvy, since it may damage your gadget.

The only time the bootloader becomes complicated is when it is attempted to be locked again.

When it comes to OEM Unlocking from the manufacturer, the regular procedure is followed. The manufacturer may reject your warranty request as a result of software modifications.

As a result, it is only suggested if you are familiar with the procedure.



Is it true that unlocking the bootloader invalidates my warranty?

Yes, in certain situations, unless software issues arise during the installation of custom ROMs and third-party applications.

Some smartphone manufacturers, such as Redmi, allow it, while others do not.

As a result, we ask that you double-check with your device before proceeding.

Why is OEM Unlock Necessary for Android Customization?

OEM Unlock, we’ll say, is critical in terms of Android customization, since it’s the first step into the realm of customisation. Without OEM Unlock, you won’t be able to customize your Android phone in any way.

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Let’s look at an excellent example to see why it’s vital. Assume you’re using a smartphone with a bespoke and bulky UI, such as Xiaomi’s Mi 11X with MIUI, but you want to check out a stock Android experience by installing the Pixel Experience ROM.



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To do so, you’ll need to unlock the bootloader and install a custom recovery before flashing the Pixel Experience ROM. However, you must first activate OEM Unlock on your Android smartphone in order to unlock the bootlader.

OEM Unlock’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of OEM Unlocking

  • It grants you access to the administrative settings and bootloader, letting you to install custom ROMs, kernels, and other software.
  • It lets you to install programs that the administrator has prohibited.
  • Users may adjust partitions and uninstall pre-installed bloatware using it.
  • You may install any Custom ROM you want.

The Drawbacks of OEM Unlocking

  • Due to third-party installations, it will provide unwanted access to your device.
  • It would prevent users from accessing secure applications such as Paytm, other banking apps, Netflix, and others.
  • If the loading is not done correctly, it may result in the loss of your data and the breakage of your phone.

On Android, enable OEM Unlock.

Note: It will not remove your personal data, however we suggest backing up your data as a precaution.

  • First, we need to activate the Developer Options. To do so, go to Settings -> About Phone -> Software Information on your smartphone.
  • Tap Build Number 7 times under Software Information, then input your pattern or pin if required.
  • Developers Options are now available.
  • Toggle the switch to the right in front of OEM Unlock in the developer’s settings to activate it.


Depending on the build of your device, a few choices may change.

On Android, disable OEM unlocking.

If you wish to deactivate OEM Unlock, you may do so by following the same instructions as above.

  • From the App Drawer or the Notification/Control Center, open the Settings app.
  • After that, go to System Settings.
  • Scroll all the way down to Developer Options.
  • Finally, go to the OEM Unlock option and deactivate it by toggling the switch to the left.

Finally, if you have any questions about this OEM Unlock post or would want anything different, please leave a comment below with any topics you’d like us to cover.


USB Debugging is a feature that allows developers to debug their app on the phone. This feature can be used in many ways, depending on what you are trying to do. USB Debugging is also known as “OEM Unlock”. Reference: usb debugging meaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are advantages of OEM unlock?

A: OEM unlock is a process in which the manufacturer of your device can be unlocked for you. This allows users to use their phone on any carrier and software version, such as when switching carriers or upgrading phones.

Is OEM unlocking good?

A: If you are using your Beat Saber account on multiple devices, it is recommended that you use OEM unlocking. This will make sure that all of your saved data remains intact and the game can be installed onto different consoles without any problems.

Should I Unlock OEM on or off?

A: If you are not intending to use the game for any competitive purposes, it is recommended that you keep OEM disabled.

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