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Ireland set to Host Drift Masters European Championship

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G2A has partnered with the Drift Masters European Championship (DMEC) in an exciting collaboration designed to bridge the gap between online and offline sports experiences.

Round 2 of the DMEC races takes place at Mondello Park, Ireland, on June 15-16, and G2A will be a firm fixture at the event.

G2A and Drift Masters previously collaborated in 2023, with the former sponsoring the Warsaw Finals. The event was a huge success, with over 50,000 people watching.

Irish motorsports fans now have the chance to demonstrate their passion for drifting at an event which will likely attract plenty of interest in online betting circles.

Several of the leading betting apps in Ireland are expected to offer odds on the event, continuing the trend towards extending the scope of the sports they feature.

The combination of a thrilling motorsport event, a passionate Irish fanbase and the innovative spirit of G2A creates a fertile ground for dynamic betting opportunities.

As the fans gear up for the Mondello Park races, betting platforms will be inundated with eager punters ready to place wagers on the high-adrenaline action.

From Gaming Giant to Motorsport Champion

Founded as an online video game retailer in 2010 in Poland, G2A has grown into a megastore that offers over 25,000 digital gaming products, becoming the leading internet marketplace.

Since introducing groundbreaking digital assets alongside their flagship marketplace in 2015, they have grown from strength to strength and currently cater to over 30 million customers.

They have now extended their influence into traditional sports. G2A co-founder Bartosz Skwarczek detailed why they struck the exciting partnership, explaining that it felt like the logical next move.


“We have always been strong in the esports scene, having already spent over $12 million on partnerships and events, supporting over 70 teams and more than 110 tournaments,” he said.

“Our activity has given us a perspective on the gaming community, confirming that they are very much interested in competitive sports, not only in the digital world.

“That’s why we decided to expand and move into the world of traditional sports, with the DMEC being the biggest, albeit not the first partnership in this direction.

“Supporting real-life sports feels like a logical progression towards bridging the gap between online and offline sports experiences.”

Evolution in eSports Continues Apace

Skwarczek also shared his views on the current state of the eSports industry. After a massive surge in revenue during the pandemic, things have cooled down a bit in the past two years.

Major game companies are going through a period of restructuring, with mergers and acquisitions happening at a frantic pace.

“It will certainly impact the industry, though from the gamers’ perspective, it may have some positive outcomes,” Skwarczek added. “We can expect the process of creating new games in the large companies to slow down.


“On the other hand, focusing on more secure strategies may strengthen the development of the most efficient franchises and bring more attractive games and premieres. It is also an opportunity for indie developers to cooperate with or hire very experienced game developers.”

Another potential upside for gamers is that publishers and developers may become more open to exploring new ways to sell and distribute their games.

This could mean making games more accessible to a broader audience, aligning perfectly with G2A’s mission of democratising access to digital entertainment.

G2A Ready to Embrace Change

G2A is continuing to find innovative ways to keep eSports powering forward. When the winds of change blow, some people build walls – others build windmills.

They have secured partnerships with the Polish Esports League (PLE) and AGO Esports team. Skwarczek was adamant that their eSports involvement aligns with their overall business strategy.

Apart from the Drift Masters collaboration, they have also signed a partnership deal with chess champion Michal Kanarkiewicz. They are working together on a Chess Academy project to bring chess to a wider audience.

There is also a partnership with Polish Olympic competitive speed climber Aleksandra Miroslaw. The 30-year-old is the current women’s speed climbing world record holder.

Spanish professional racing driver Dani Clos is also a G2Apartner. The Barcelona-born driver competed as a test driver for the HRT team in Formula One.