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How to Watch Sling TV on a MacBook

Sling TV is an online streaming service that offers a wide variety of channels. The app for the service can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play. Read more in detail here: sling app.

Watch Sling TV on your MacBook with these methods. You’ll need to use Plex, Emby Server or another compatible media server software like Kodi.

Although the Sling TV software isn’t accessible for download on a MacBook, customers may still stream live TV channels and view on-demand content. Sling TV works with a variety of devices, but for macOS users, browser compatibility is the most important and the easiest method to watch Sling TV on a MacBook or other Mac computer.


Sling TV is a popular internet-based service for viewing live television. It was one of the first live TV streaming services to start, and it has maintained a steady user base ever since. The cheap cost is one of the reasons behind this. Sling TV’s prices start at only $35 a month, making it a terrific choice for anyone seeking for an inexpensive live TV streaming service.

Sling TV, in general, has a good degree of device compatibility, since it can be used on a variety of smart TVs, streaming players, mobile devices, PCs, laptops, and other devices. However, there is no program accessible to download for several of these systems and devices, including macOS.


Sling Streaming on a MacBook

A web browser, such as Safari, is required to stream Sling TV on a MacBook. As a result, the most convenient alternative for Mac users is to go to using Safari, join up if they haven’t already, and watch straight in the browser. In September of this year, Sling TV launched Safari web browser compatibility, enabling any iPhone, iPad, or Mac device to stream video using the in-browser web player.

According to Sling, Mac devices must be running at least macOS version 11.1 in order to use the service. If that’s the case, the user should be able to watch Sling TV on Safari without any problems. While some may find this approach less handy than using an app, it is a more lightweight solution since there is no program to download or update.

On both Mac and Windows, Sling TV works with the most recent version of Google Chrome. While Safari is undoubtedly the greatest online browser for Mac and MacBook users, Chrome offers another browser-based alternative for watching Sling TV. Since the live TV provider released Chrome browser compatibility in 2017, Mac users have been able to view Sling TV using Chrome.

Sling TV users may now use TV Everywhere applications as a last resort. Sling TV members, like other live TV streaming services, may login in to a number of network apps and watch live TV or on-demand programming. This is one method to watch Sling TV without actually viewing via Sling TV, assuming the same applications are also accessible on a Mac computer.

There used to be a Mac app.

When a streaming service doesn’t support a platform or device, it’s typically because the service hasn’t yet released an app for that platform or device. However, when it comes to Sling TV, the reverse is true. There was a Mac version for Sling TV, however it was withdrawn in 2018. Sling claimed that the move was made in order to “enhance the watching experience” for users, which included the removal of the Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 PC applications.


Even those who previously had the program loaded were unable to view Sling TV once it was cancelled. Instead, app users were greeted with a warning message instructing them to utilize the Chrome browser and web player to watch content. The absence of Safari browser compatibility at the time was the cause for the referral to Chrome.

In fact, it took more than a year for Safari web browser functionality to appear after the Sling TV Mac software was shut down. Since then, it has remained the greatest alternative for anybody who wants to watch Sling TV on their Mac or MacBook.

Summary of watching Sling on a MacBook

The Safari web browser is the most convenient method to watch Sling TV on a Mac computer or MacBook. Sling extended support for the Safari browser in 2019, more than a year after the service’s Mac app was discontinued. Safari has been the best choice for streaming Sling TV on a Mac device since the browser’s support became live.

Chrome is likely to be the next best alternative for individuals who don’t want to use Safari. Since 2017, Sling has offered a Chrome browser streaming experience for Mac devices. Sling TV may also be downloaded on Apple’s other devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Subscribers may also use Sling TV’s TV Everywhere functionality to watch content straight via any network applications accessible on a MacBook or Mac computer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I watch streaming on my MacBook?

A: You cant.

Can I watch Sling TV on my laptop?

A: Unfortunately, you cannot watch Sling TV on your laptop. The service only supports streaming through televisions or computers running the browser Internet Explorer.

How do I get sling on my laptop?

A: To get sling on your laptop, you will need to download the browser plugin. Once that has been installed and you have configured it correctly, there should be a button in the top right corner of your browser window. You can click this button to connect with another device using sling through an encrypted connection over HTTPS/SSL/TLS..

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