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Fix the Windows 11 Cannot access shared folder error

Some of the newest features in Windows 10, such as Microsoft Edge and Timeline were meant to make the OS more secure, but they’re actually causing problems for users. Find out how you can fix this common error by following these steps.

If you are trying to access a shared folder on Windows 11 and get the message “Windows cannot access shared folder”, then this article will guide you through fixing it. The problem is caused by an error in your registry, so there’s no way for windows to fix itself.

This is a common issue that Windows 10 users face. This error can be fixed by going to the “File Explorer” and clicking the “This PC” icon. Then, click on your drive in the left-hand menu and make sure that it’s selected as the default drive.

Fix the Windows 11 Cannot access shared folder error


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  • On a Windows 11 network, sharing folders is a fundamental capability that sometimes fails.
  • There are a variety of solutions for shared folder issues, ranging from granting certain permissions to deactivating security.
  • This post covers a variety of remedies for shared folder troubles, as well as some helpful suggestions.



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Modern computing has introduced a slew of valuable features and established a new norm in which we expect things to perform flawlessly every time. Because of this common standard, it’s extremely aggravating when something as simple as a network shared folder stops operating.

The inability to access shared folders has been a concern for Windows 10 users for years. Back then, some of the remedies to the issue included enabling network discovery and ensuring network services were operational.

Fortunately, resolving the inability to access a shared folder is a straightforward process. Even Windows 11 will assist you by displaying a Network Error and instructing you to double-check the spelling of the shared folder’s name.

The bulk of the time, just having the name correct is enough to obtain access to a shared, but other times, a finer touch is required.

Why am I unable to open the shared folder?

There might be a number of reasons why a shared folder isn’t working. A misconfigured network, faulty disk settings, and the aforementioned typo of the folder’s name are all possibilities.

In certain circumstances, the user account that owns the folder has permissions that aren’t acceptable.


It’s suggested that you speak with whomever controls the shared folder before proceeding with the remedies in this tutorial. Perhaps there is an oversight stopping individuals from accessing the shared folder, such as permissions not being enabled.

If you’re the owner of the shared folder, you’ll need to adjust and provide network sharing rights to make it easier for others to access it.

This tutorial will walk you through several methods for resolving the shared folder problem.

How can I resolve the issue of ‘Cannot Access Shared Folder’?

Reconfigure the network. Permissions are shared.

  1. To share a drive or folder on your computer, open File Explorer and choose the disk or folder you wish to share. The steps are the same in this instruction, except it will choose a folder.1640262199_317_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  2. Select Properties from the context menu when you right-click on the folder.1640262200_369_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  3. Select the Sharing tab in the new Properties window.1640262202_617_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  4. In the centre of the window, click the Advanced Sharing icon. The Advanced Sharing window will open as a result of this action.1640262203_553_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  5. Toggle the Share this folder checkbox at the top of the window.1640262205_653_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  6. For the disk or folder you wish to share, enter a Share name under Settings.1640262206_782_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  7. By altering the number on the right, you may restrict the number of people who can access the shared folder.1640262208_934_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  8. Then, beneath Comments, click the Permissions option to open a new tiny window. 1640262209_369_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  9. You may pick Everyone to provide access to everyone on the network, or choose a few users by clicking on their user names. 1640262211_786_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  10. Check all boxes under Allow to enable Permissions for Everyone.1640262212_183_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  11. To save your changes, click Apply. 1640262214_705_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  12. To exit the Permissions for Saved Pictures box, click Ok.1640262215_321_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  13. To apply the adjustments, go back to Advanced Sharing and click Apply then OK.1640262216_653_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  14. If you choose to share a drive, a Shared icon will appear at the bottom of the screen.1640262218_635_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error

2. Assign security privileges

  1. Choose the disk or folder that you wish to share from your computer.1640262219_916_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  2. Select Properties from the context menu when you right-click on the disk or folder.1640262221_94_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  3. On the Properties window, go to the Security tab.1640262223_680_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  4. To alter permissions, go to the middle and click Edit.1640262224_765_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  5. Select Add from the drop-down menu.1640262226_986_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  6. Select Advanced at the bottom of the new Select Users or Groups pop-up box.1640262227_570_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  7. There will be a new window open. To the right, click Find Now.1640262228_813_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  8. At the bottom of the window, a list of search results will display. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see Everyone.1640262230_429_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  9. Select Everyone from the drop-down menu, then click OK.1640262232_748_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  10. You’ll be sent back to the window where you may choose users or groups. Choose OK.1640262234_123_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  11. In the Security pane, under Group or user names, you’ll find Everyone listed.1640262235_800_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  12. In the Permissions for Everyone box, choose Everyone and then check all the Allow boxes.1640262237_968_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  13. To save the changes, go to the bottom of the window and click Apply.1640262238_578_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  14. To exit the Permissions window, click Ok.

3. Turn off the option for password-protected sharing.

  1. On the taskbar, click the magnifying glass icon.1640262239_134_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  2. Type Advanced sharing options into the search field and choose the first result.1640262241_200_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  3. To extend the possibilities, choose All Networks.1640262243_189_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  4. Under Public folder sharing, choose the Turn on sharing… option.1640262244_319_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  5. Turn off password secured sharing by scrolling down to Password protected sharing.1640262246_100_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  6. At the bottom, click Save Changes. 1640262248_65_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  7. Restart your computer after closing Advanced sharing options.

Windows-10-Activation-error-0xc0020036 NOTE

On untrustworthy networks, this strategy may be dangerous. Anyone with access to your computer may share it if you make it public.

4. Turn on the File and Printer Options.

  1. Search for Advanced sharing options in your search box by selecting the magnifying glass symbol.1640262241_200_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  2. If you’re on a private network, choose Private to hide the menu.1640262250_99_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  3. Select If it isn’t already chosen, enable file and printer sharing under Filer and printer sharing.1640262252_102_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  4. At the bottom, click Save Changes. 1640262253_314_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  5. Click Guest or Public if you’re on a public network.1640262255_600_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  6. If you haven’t already, choose Turn on file and printer sharing.1640262257_991_Fix-the-Windows-11-Cannot-access-shared-folder-error
  7. Press the Save Changes button.
  8. Restart your computer after closing Advanced sharing options.

Windows-10-Activation-error-0xc0020036 NOTE

Turning on file and printer sharing on a public network might be dangerous since anybody can access them.

What are some additional essential Windows 11 features that may fail?

On Windows 11, shared folders aren’t the only fundamental feature that may go wrong. Microsoft is working around the clock to resolve issues and release fixes for Windows 11.

Take, for example, Windows 11’s sleep mode. Sleep mode enables you to put your computer in a low-power mode to save energy while still allowing some of its capabilities to operate.

It might be as easy as manually turning on sleep mode, but it may also include changing certain settings.

In case you didn’t know, Windows 11 has a built-in VPN feature that some users have reported not functioning. It’s as easy as upgrading the machine to fix the OS’s VPN, but more difficult problems will need reinstalling WAN network devices.


Wi-Fi networks have mysteriously vanished on Windows 11 devices in the past, and several programs on the OS have just stopped operating.

Most of the time, a simple restart is sufficient, but there are situations when a more comprehensive remedy is required.

If you have any queries about additional Windows 11 issues or bugs, please leave a comment below. Also, let us know if there are any tutorials or information on Windows 11 features that you’d want to see.

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The “windows cannot access shared folder check the spelling of the name” is a common error that can happen when trying to access a shared folder. The issue can be fixed by checking the spelling of the name or if you are using Windows 10, try restarting your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix the Network error windows Cannot access \\ shared drive error?

A: There are a few ways to fix this error, but the easiest way is to restart your computer. Click on your Start menu and type Restart without quotes and hit enter. If that does not work, your network may need fixing or you can try connecting with different ports (try 8080 for example) and updating them

How do you fix your folder cant be shared?

A: Try renaming the folder to a different name.

How do I fix Windows Network error?

A: To fix such an error, you may do one of the following things. Contact your computer manufacturer if youre in warranty for it to be repaired or visit a Microsoft helpline location.

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