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Why is it Worth Using the Handwheel CNC Encoder?

A handwheel CNC is a type of optical rotary encoder developed for CNC machine tools. Encoders of this sort are also known as electronic hand wheels and hand-holding boxes. The handwheel CNC has the ability to set the mechanical work origin and to manually set the trimming process. It is equipped with a band switch, which can be used to select the axis and magnification. The acquisition system can be facilitated by the pulses from the pulse generator. The handwheel CNC is also fitted with an impact-resistant shell made of strong and highly resilient materials. Thanks to this feature, it is oil-proof and immune to abrasions and interference.

The Application of the Handwheel CNC

The handwheel CNC is typically applied in the lathe support drives, equipped with the so-called fast journeys. The lathe supports moves along the bed, driven by an electric motor. It means the machine operators do not need to carry out the work manually, which greatly improves their performance. Due to the use of the handwheel CNCit is possible to precisely adjust the support and obtain much bigger control over all turning operations.

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It is, however, necessary to remember that a mechanism permanently coupled with the handwheel and driven by an electric motor can cause the handwheel to rotate while the motor is running. The device may pose a danger to every operator who comes within its reach. It can also cause the entanglement of the operator’s clothes, which may have even more dire consequences.

How to Set Up the Handwheel CNC Encoder?

The CS-Lab Shop has in its offer a high-quality handwheel CNC encoder – 6-axis JOG handwheel encoder ISMM2080 – which can be connected to the CSMIO-MPG in a very quick and simple way. The connection should not take more than 5 minutes, and it can be successfully conducted even by an inexperienced user. In order to run the 6-axis JOG handwheel encoder ISMM2080, the user needs to fasten the module on a DIN rail and place the DB25 plug of the handwheel CNC encoder in the CSMIO-MPG module socket. The next step requires the connection of the CAN bus with the included DB9 tape.

Afterward, the user needs to connect the 24V DC power and the E-STOP circuit to the terminals E1 and E2, which are pins of the handwheel E-STOP button. The order of the connections to the terminals is not important.

Why is it Worth Using the Handwheels?

The use of the handwheels in the drives of lathes is especially important when apart from the manual drive, there is an additional source of propulsion, such as an electric motor. Their presence may be dictated by the issue of:

  • usability (precise manual adjustment),
  • protection of the device in the event of a failure (emergency closing of sluices).

There are two types of couplings used in handwheels – phenol-based plastic models, which are resistant to difficult conditions, and solid and ribbed structures, helpful in difficult places of installation. The use of both allows for the adaptation to high-speed machines. Due to the fact that the engagement mechanisms work both for pushing and for pulling, the adaptation to the conditions and the intentions of the operator is possible.

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Handwheel CNC encoders available in the CS-Lab Shop’s assortment are ideal for CNC machines. They have an innovative, anti-oil seal design and are characterized by their high dielectric strength. The 6-axis JOG handwheel encoder ISMM2080 is a perfect tool for quick configuration of a material base, as well as for manual machining or fast manual rides.