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What Are Real Money Pokies Online RTP?


If you’re a pokie enthusiast, you’ve probably heard the word RTP – which stands for Return to Player. It’s one of the crucial factors to consider when choosing an online pokie game, as it determines how much of the money invested in it is returned to the player.

Although it seems simple, this metric can be very important, as it provides valuable information about the game’s payout potential. It can greatly impact the overall gaming experience, as some games simply return more money to players than others – thus resulting in more wins.

But should you only choose high RTP real money pokies online? In this article, we’ll delve into the concept of RTP, what it is, how it is calculated, and discuss whether it’s significant to players or not. Moreover, we’ll highlight some pokies that are renowned for their higher-than-average RTP percentages and help you choose the right one for you.

What Is RTP?

Although the term is relatively new in the gambling community, it resembles another term that has been used for decades – house edge. The RTP, or Return to Player, essentially represented the house edge in a pokie game. For example, if a pokie has an RTP of 96%, it means that the house edge is 4%. However, the term RTP is more precise, as it indicates the game’s theoretical payout rate for a period of time.


Let’s take a game with an RTP of 95.70% as an example. Of all the total wagers placed by players while playing that particular game, 95.70% of all the money will be returned to them as winnings – while the casino retains the 4.30% as house edge. However, always keep in mind that RTP is just a long-term statistical estimation, and individual sessions can be very different from the average.

For example, if you decide to play the above-mentioned game and wager $100, it doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically lose the $4.30. Contrary, you can win a jackpot on the first win and multiply your wager repeatedly. The RTP is just an indicator of how the game is programmed, but that doesn’t mean that you can win. However, the likelihood of winning during a long playing session is bigger when playing a game with 96% RTP than a game with 86% RTP.

How Is RTP Calculated?

The online casino industry has evolved into a gigantic market, so most countries impose their own laws and legislations to regulate it. Most regulatory bodies mandate that software developers test their games and provide an exact RTP number.

To do this, game developers use complex algorithms and testing, including manual and automated testing over hundreds of thousands of spins. Moreover, they analyze a vast amount of game data, which includes the game’s paytable, reel, payline configurations, and more.

These regulations are in place to make sure that the pokies are not rigged and that they are completely random – meaning that no one, not even the software developers, can know when a win will be triggered.

Pokies With High RTP

The RTP of pokies has been evolving over the years. While pokie machines in the 1990s and early 2000s had an RTP of around 85%, it slowly grew to the numbers we see today, which typically range from 92% to 97%. However, there are some pokies with exceptionally high RTP, such as:


  • Mega Joker by NetEnt: With an astounding RTP of 99%, Mega Joker stands out as one of the highest-RTP online pokies. It follows a classic fruit theme but adds a few features, such as a Supermeter mode and a progressive jackpot, which raise the average RTP of this game.
  • Goblin’s Cave by Playtech: It’s a unique 3-reel pokie that uses a hold symbol feature, which increases the chances of winning. That’s why Goblin’s Cave’s average RTP is 99.3%, making it one of the highest RTP pokies worldwide.
  • White Rabbit by Big Time Gaming: Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, White Rabbit is a fun mega-ways pokie with 248,332 paylines and an above-average RTP of 97.72%.