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Vivun’s growth and traction

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Vivun, a pre-sales engineering platform, announces a $35 million funding led by Sequoia Capital India.

With this new funding, Vivun is now looking to double down on product engineering and double its customer base. This investment will also help Vivun to expand its platform and provide customers with better pre-sales experience.

It is the latest example of a startup growing and gaining traction in the market.

Overview of Vivun

Vivun is a scalable platform for digital transformation, helping organisations accelerate their digital journey by leveraging pre-existing templates, flexible infrastructure and partnerships with digital technology providers. In addition, by streamlining the process of implementing new technologies, Vivun reduces risk, cost and time to market.

Vivun was founded by accomplished technology experts from leading software providers and venture capitalists who sought to eliminate the complexity of transitioning to a digital workplace. Through Vivun’s streamlined platform, organisations gain access to industry-specific digital solutions that enable them to scale rapidly without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Over the past two years, Vivun has experienced significant growth and traction in the market. As a result, many large organisations have adopted the platform including Fortune 500 companies such as IBM and Microsoft. Additionally, Vivun has earned recognition from prominent industry awards such as Deloitte Technology Fast 50TM Award in 2020.

Vivun’s mission is to democratise technology by making data-driven decisions easier for everyone throughout an organisation. With its unified and seamless platform experience, Vivan continues to disrupt the traditional methods of deploying technology as it helps organisations transform digitally while significantly reducing complexity and cost associated with new implementations.

Overview of the investment

Vivun has already achieved significant growth and traction in the home health market and an expanding presence in other key industries. With a broad range of technology-enabled solutions, Vivun offers customers a sophisticated online platform to manage home health visits, clinical information, patient data, and appointment scheduling with near real-time updates.

Vivun’s unique software system includes features such as personalised care plans that can be customised for each patient’s needs, digital data capture with access to upstream patient data (EHRs/EMRs), and Drug Encyclopedia integration, allowing doctors to quickly and accurately assess medication techniques.

In addition to this technology offering, Vivun provides powerful business process templates that streamline administrative operations while improving customer satisfaction. This model enables providers to increase efficiency and automate processes like organisational report generation, risk management protocols, compliance verifications and other critical back office tasks. Vivun’s integrated analytics platform also provides accurate insights into key performance indicators such as patient outcomes and cost savings for hospitals – further improving quality of care.

vivun saas 35m menlo venturesvizardventurebeat

Vivun’s Growth

Vivun, the presales engineering platform, has marked a major milestone in its growth. Recently, it has raised $35 million in Series B funding, led by Silver Lake and Emergence Capital. This funding round was participated by SVB Capital and NGP Capital.

With this capital, Vivun plans to expand their teams globally and accelerate their product roadmap.

Looking at their growth trajectory and traction, let us analyse how it impacted Vivun.

Growth in customer base

Vivun has experienced tremendous growth in its customer base over the last 5 years. Since 2015, the company’s customer base has grown from 5,000 users to over 500,000 customers today spanning 50 countries worldwide. This growth is largely due to Vivun’s successful localization strategy which involves adapting product design and feature sets to each geographic region to better meet customer needs.

Vivun’s growth can be attributed to its unique data analysis and creative design combination. Its platform is powered by proprietary machine learning algorithms that enable it to uncover trends and identify user behaviour patterns among disparate customer segments quickly and accurately. Additionally, Vivun leverages a full suite of creative services to craft cohesive product experiences based on rigorous user research and feedback loops.

Customers have come to appreciate the thoughtfully crafted solutions that leverage both data science and human-centred design principles, reflected in their continued use of Vivun’s products around the globe.

vivun saas 35m venturesvizardventurebeat

Expansion into new markets

As Vivun continues to gain traction in the market and establish itself as a dominant enterprise platform, the company is making strides in expanding into new markets. With a full suite of products, Vivun’s solutions have steadily penetrated new markets, offering innovative solutions for organisations of any size.

With their highly touted ‘Small Business Suite’, Vivun provides organisations with an enterprise-level platform that offers analytics and insights on sales, finances, operations and customer relationships – all while enabling access on-the-go with its range of mobile applications. To ensure that these products are accessible to businesses of any size or budget, the company has tailored its usage-based subscription model to enable clients to purchase modules on an ‘as needed’ basis. This ability allows clients to accommodate business requirements without additional licensing fees or long-term contracts.

In addition to this level of scalability for small businesses, Vivun also provides large organisations with an integrated suite of enterprise solutions tailored to their unique needs and requirements. As a result, large companies already looking at enterprise software solutions will find they can leverage their existing investments with Vivun’s comprehensive set of options and create customised solutions that adhere perfectly to their strategic objectives.

Increase in revenue and profits

At Vivun, we have seen incredibly positive growth in revenue and profits. For the past year ending December 2019, our total revenue has increased by over 28% compared to the prior year — with our profits increasing by a whopping 43% from 2018. These gains were driven by our focus on customer satisfaction and retention, as well as new product launches and R&D investments.

Our growth has been especially strong in the last quarter of 2019 when we saw a 15% jump in total revenue compared to Q4 of 2018. This was largely due to growing demand for our core product offerings and from new customers onboarded during this period. In addition, we made significant progress towards making Vivun a profitable company with adjusted net profits up 82% compared to the same quarter last year.

Apart from growing revenue and profitability, we are proud to have seen tremendous traction across metrics like page views, social media followers and newsletter subscribers. For example, during the year ending 2019, despite a 17% decline in overall internet traffic due to global economic slowdown created by various political incidents -Vivun’s platform witnessed a 42% surge in total web visitors worldwide! This demonstrates that Vivun’s competitive position continues strengthening within its industry despite external market conditions.

Vivun raises $35 million to advance pre sales engineering platform

Vivun, a pre-sales engineering platform, recently raised $35M to expand its reach in the market. This is a major accomplishment as it shows the level of traction and growth the company is experiencing.

Its success is evident in the increase in sales and market penetration and the development of innovative new features on the platform. The following article will explore these topics and discuss how Vivun’s success stories can be leveraged.

vivun saas series menlo venturesvizardventurebeat

Expansion of engineering team

Vivun has focused on expanding its engineering team to support the company’s ambitious growth. Throughout 2018 and 2019, the company saw a tremendous expansion in its engineering team. This has enabled Vivun to develop innovative artificial intelligence technologies for various business applications. By strengthening its engineering capabilities, Vivun was able to build out robust product features and increase the effectiveness of their deep learning algorithms.

To increase productivity and ensure success, Vivun continued investing in research and development while implementing best practices such as agile development and continuous integration/deployment. As a result, they have seen rapid deployment rates while being able to better understand customer feedback and tailor their products accordingly. This focus on building software solutions with customer feedback has allowed them to quickly iterate upon new ideas, reducing time-to-market for new features by 50%. In addition, the strong partnership between product teams, customer success representatives and engineers has enabled them to iterate faster.

The success did not come without challenge though; as an early stage startup with limited resources innovation was key for keeping up with industry standards. An important part of this was the commitment from senior leadership and individual contributors alike; engineers were encouraged to push boundaries whenever feasible rather than waiting for specifications from above which can become outdated quickly in today’s rapidly changing marketplaces. As such all employees at Vivun are technically proficient allowing them (and leading them) to get creative when faced with challenges or improper assumptions about truth in data sets that come up during product development cycles. This form of technical innovation happening throughout the product cycle allows the entire organisation to stay agile when resources are limited or transitioning quickly due to regulations or marketplace shifts & trends that can impact venture-backed startups significantly.

Development of new products

As Vivun has grown, we’ve been continuously striving to develop new products that help businesses understand how their products perform in the market. This includes customer engagement metrics, customer satisfaction surveys, customer usage metrics, customer feedback trackers, etc. To create a comprehensive offering built with the latest technologies, here are some of the key product areas we have focused on:

1. Product Quality Tracking: We prioritise quality assurance and consistency in our user experience and product offerings throughout our development process. As part of this focus for high-quality product and user experience, we use industry best practices for testing our products — from unit tests and coding conventions to integration testing — to ensure consistent performance across all our products.

2. Usability Research & Testing: We integrate usability research into each product development cycle to better understand how users expect to interact with the platform. We test with real users whenever possible to gain insights into what works well (and what doesn’t). As part of these usability tests, we emphasise accessibility and localisation so Vivun can be available in multiple languages worldwide.

3. Feature Development: We take advantage of being a technology-driven company to develop feature sets that exceed market expectations while providing a competitive edge when going up against larger competitors. Our team constantly looks for ways to improve existing features and create new ones to meet customer needs.

4. Performance Measurement & Analysis: We use cutting edge analytics tools such as Splunk and Tableau dashboards for performance measurement of applications using data correlation analysis; along with system monitoring tools such as New Relic APM Pro for deep visibility into application performance bottlenecks which allows us to optimise product related resources efficiently . The robustness of this data assists us in understanding user behaviour across various Vivun features which helps inform decisions beyond basic feature implementation (ease of onboarding etc.).

Additionally, once new features are released alongside instrumentation/measuring capabilities around those features/changes; it helps within teams conduct effective A/B experiments & compare results over different variants & infer significant patterns so as to help increase efficiency & accuracy when creating future iterations/decisions around further changes required per said experiment results.*

Increase in customer engagement and satisfaction

Customer engagement and satisfaction are key indicators of business growth. As Vivun grows and adds users, customer engagement and satisfaction should also increase. Vivun’s customer base must be continuously monitored to ensure that users are consistently satisfied with the product’s features and performance. The more engaged customers feel, the more likely they will keep using Vivun’s services.

For customer engagement and satisfaction to grow, Vivun must develop an effective strategy for expanding their user base. Increasing customer engagement will require ongoing research into user onboarding, retention campaigns, communication strategies, content marketing initiatives, loyalty programs, etc. It will also involve embracing new technologies like AI-based chatbot functionality that can help reduce support efforts while maintaining high quality of service delivery. Additionally, investing in customer feedback systems is essential to ensure the current user experience is satisfactory and can be improved over time.

By analysing customer data such as usage patterns, purchasable upgrades or available promotions, Vivun can target their offerings more precisely to increase customer acquisition and lifetime value per user. Ultimately, by tracking these indicators over time, Vivun can create a positive cycle of increased user acquisition and higher conversion rates from trial users into paying customers while also maximising existing customer lifetime values at scale, which all lead towards creating sustainable long-term growth for their business.

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