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View Liked Videos on YouTube

When you are subscribed to a YouTube channel, the last videos posted on that channel are displayed in your Subscriptions feed.

The more videos liked by the people who subscribe to this channel, the higher they get ranked within your Subscriptions feed. You can always checkout your Subscriptions feed and like a video directly from it.

can i see who liked my youtube video?

Yes. Any video you watch on YouTube can be liked, so this means it is also possible to see who liked any of your favorite videos. All you have to do is check the number of likes each video has received at the top left corner of the video window.

You will find out that some YouTube users are more popular than others due to the large number of likes their videos receive. What about those videos that have been liked by a really small number of people? Do they not deserve as much attention as other, more popular ones?

Choose a video you’ve liked and watch it again.

You’ll notice that high up in the video, you will find out who liked it. The number of likes your video received is displayed next to the username of the person who liked it. Is there any way I can see every single person who has ever liked one of my videos?

It’s not possible to see every single person who has ever liked one of your videos. Just do the math and you’ll realize that there are just too many! To view every single person who has ever liked any of your videos, your best bet would be to download all your YouTube videos to your computer. Then play them back in order so you can see which video was liked by whom.

Click on the “Share” button below the video to post it on your social media accounts or send it to friends .

What happens when I delete a YouTube video I’ve liked?

Once you have deleted a YouTube video, it is no longer displayed in your Subscriptions feed or anywhere else on YouTube . You won’t be able to locate that video again unless someone re-uploads it. If this is the case, you’ll get a notification on your YouTube home screen.

Is there a way to remove someone who has liked one of my videos from my list?

Yes. After all, you might have just caught them liking the video by mistake or they might have even been hacked! In such cases, it is best that you remove them from your list of people who have liked that video.

How do I remove a person from my list who has liked one of my videos?

It’s very easy to remove the name of a YouTube user from your list. Just view the video and click on the number of likes, which appears in the top left corner as shown above . You will now see a list of names. Simply click on the X to remove anyone who shouldn’t be there.


What to do if you want to know who liked your videos on YouTube? How can I find out? If you are curious, just follow the instructions above. To delete someone from your list of people who have liked one of your videos or remove their name from one of your favorite videos, just click on the X next to their name.

YouTube channel owners who want to see the people who liked their videos can find out easily with a little help from this article.