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Players Choice: DraftKings Sportsbook Wide Range of Sports and Betting Lines


Prominent sports betting platforms are competing with each other to try and climb to the top of the mountain. The rewards that are available for those sportsbooks that will be able to clamber ahead of the competition and carve off a significant piece of the market for themselves are staggering.

This particularly applies in the US¾the world’s most prominent economy. Economists agree that the gates opening in several states mean that the sports betting platform that can get ahead of the rest has the potential to become a colossal enterprise¾potentially, the biggest in the world. Ideally, DraftKings wants to be in this position, and they’ve already positioned themselves favorably in the market. Their wide range of sports and betting lines is, of course, the foundation of their entire platform, but what is it about DraftKings that helps them stand out when there’s such strong, global competition?

Humble Beginnings

DraftKings—as their name suggests—first became a significant name in the US sports markets in 2012. Almost from the inaugural year, the executives had their sights on much bolder plans—forming a partnership with the MLB just 18 months into their existence, and later becoming the sole provider for their official baseball fantasy sports.

Throughout the 2010s, DraftKings grew its customer base, offering significant fantasy sports-based prizes. While it was still not involved in the sports betting industry, it was beginning to fill its customer bases with diehard sports fans who loved fantasy football—a significant subset of those who now gamble on sports in the US.

DraftKings Sportsbook first emerged in the US in 2018. It was around the same time that the collective attitude toward digital gambling was beginning to change significantly. Although the legislation was still slightly behind, there was momentum behind it that laid the foundation for the current market, which is valued in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

Once granted their license, DraftKings was in an excellent position. They’d spent most of the last decade developing strong partnerships with the biggest sporting organizations through their fantasy sports platforms. DraftKings now offers their sports betting markets in 27 states, having added another one to the list this month¾meaning that they’re licensed to operate in more states than a lot of their competition, especially those that are looking to enter the US market from overseas.

Available Sports Betting Markets at DraftKings

DraftKings offers 25 sportsbooks in total—the top sportsbooks online offer between 20 and 25—but there are a few quirky markets and enhanced depth in some of the more popular ones that help DraftKings stand out. Their website and app are designed to make prominent sports and competitions easier to find, which is one of a few elements that have made them the players’ choice.

Aussie Rules

It’s a big hit Down Under, regularly drawing in crowds of over 80,000. While it’s not a huge market for US customers, you can find a number of AFL props and futures markets there.


One of many big leagues that DraftKings has exclusive sponsorship deals with. While some sportsbooks only offer MLB markets, DraftKings provides access to professional baseball markets in South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan¾as well as college baseball.


There are over two dozen basketball betting markets, including the NBA, China, France, Germany, Sweden, New Zealand, and Olympic markets.


Prominent title fights, specific group round bets, method of victory (KO, TKO, or DQ), or the option to combine your bets into a parlay, which combines the main event and the undercard.


As one of the main betting partners of the NFL, there are over 200 individual types of markets you can explore if you’re looking to bet on football.



The calendar includes all the big events—the Masters, US Open, and Ryder Cup—often with their own features and promotions.


Includes the NHL, Swiss, and other big European Scandinavian leagues.


Another huge sporting organization that has strong ties with DraftKings. You’ll often see them advertised on the Octagon, and the commentary team refers to in-play betting markets whenever you watch the big UFC cards. Method of victory and parlay bets see the most action on DraftKings on a big fight night.


Any event in the 2024 Olympics will be available to bet on via DraftKings. This year’s games in France are set to be a bumper event, with the world’s greatest athletes descending on Europe to try and reach glory.

Rugby League and Union

Huge Down Under, Rugby League and the Union have a small but core betting market in the US¾and DraftKings offers one of the most extensive.


This includes domestic leagues in the UK and France, and the NRL in Australia.


DraftKings offers all international fixtures and the top domestic leagues. There are over 90 individual soccer leagues or competitions to explore.


There are all the Grand Slams, including the big US one at Flushing Meadows. There are also extensive in-play markets where you can bet on individual points, games, and sets.

Other Sports

The other markets you can explore on their site include cornhole, cycling, cricket, darts, e-sports, handball, jai alai, snooker, lacrosse, volleyball, and table tennis. With over 500 individual leagues or competitions to bet on right across the site, there’s more than enough to sink your teeth into.


Sports betting companies do not grow to the stature of DraftKings if they don’t have a truly deep and varied range of sports betting options. By supplementing their stacked sportsbook with a free-to-play fantasy sports game endorsed by several of the top leagues and franchises in the US, few companies, if any, have the growth potential of DraftKings.

Few sportsbooks in the world boast these types of connections with top professional organizations, and it stands them in good stead to continue expanding, especially as the US gambling market continues to thrive. Identifying this trend in the mid-2010s and changing their business model accordingly could be what turns DraftKings into the most prominent sports betting platform in the US within the next decade. As far as business ideas go, we’ve definitely seen worse.