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Interesting Facts About the Football Club Wrexham

Wrexham Football Club, founded in 1864, is one of the oldest and most storied football clubs in the world. Wrexham has been around for a long time, more than 150 years, and it’s been important in Welsh football. Their stadium, the Racecourse Ground, is really old but still used today, which is pretty cool. Even though they’ve had money problems and ups and downs, they have loyal fans and never give up. Right now, they’re in the National League, hoping to get back to their best and keep making history in football. You can watch their games on the 1xbet website and even bet on it.

Founding and Early History

Wrexham Football Club was founded in 1864 by members of the Wrexham Cricket Club who sought a winter sport to keep fit. This makes Wrexham FC one of the oldest football clubs in the world. In the beginning, Wrexham did a lot for football, like winning the first-ever Welsh Cup in 1878. They started playing at the Racecourse Ground back then, and they still do today. Wrexham’s early days helped spread football not just in their town but all over Wales.

Stadium and Home Ground

The Racecourse Ground, home to Wrexham FC, is a historic stadium with deep roots in football history. The Racecourse Ground is super old, going all the way back to 1807, and it’s still used today! It’s where they played their first international match in 1877. It can hold over 10,000 people and has seen lots of cool stuff happen, like Wrexham winning big in the FA Cup and hosting big rugby games too. Plus, it’s where Wales played their first-ever home international football match. So, it’s not just a stadium; it’s like a piece of history for Wrexham, showing how important the club is in football.

Notable Achievements

Wrexham FC boasts a commendable list of achievements in its long history. The club has won the Welsh Cup a record 23 times, showcasing its dominance in Welsh football. Wrexham did really well in 1978 by winning the Third Division title, which helped them move up to the Second Division. They also had a super cool run in the 1984 European Cup Winners’ Cup, where they beat big teams like FC Porto from Portugal. Another awesome moment was in 1992 when they beat the reigning champs, Arsenal, in the FA Cup. It just shows how good they are at playing in important games. These achievements highlight Wrexham’s resilience and capability to compete against top teams.

Iconic Matches and Moments

Wrexham FC has had some really big moments in football that people still talk about today. One of those moments happened in 1992 when they beat Arsenal, who were the champions at the time, in the FA Cup. It was a huge surprise because Wrexham was in a lower division, but they won 2-1, making it one of the most memorable upsets in FA Cup history. Another special moment was in 1984 when they played against FC Porto in the European Cup Winners’ Cup. They won the game 1-0 in front of their home crowd at the Racecourse Ground, which was a massive deal because FC Porto was a really tough team. These matches show how Wrexham can do amazing things and make their fans really proud.

Legendary Players

Wrexham FC has had some really amazing players over the years who’ve done a lot for the team. One of the biggest names is Arfon Griffiths, also known as “The Prince of Wales.” He played more than 550 games for Wrexham from 1959 to 1979, and he was a key part of the team during their big wins and promotions, like when they won the Third Division title in 1977-78.


Another star player is Gary Bennett, who was a top scorer for Wrexham in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He scored 105 goals and was loved by fans for his skill and hard work. Then there’s Brian Lloyd, who was a goalkeeper in the 1970s and helped the team do really well with his great saves. These players, along with many others, have made a big impact on Wrexham and inspired lots of people who love football.

Fan Culture and Support

Wrexham FC has some of the most passionate fans around, and they really make the games exciting. They bring so much energy to the Racecourse Ground with their cheers and songs, making it a fun place to be. One cool thing they do is sing the club anthem, “Wrexham Is the Name,” together. It’s a special moment that brings everyone together, both fans and players. The “Wrexham Lager Stand” is where a lot of the action happens, with fans waving their banners and flags, making the stadium look really colorful. This strong fan spirit doesn’t just show up on game days—it’s part of the community

Community Engagement

Wrexham FC is deeply involved in the local community, playing a significant role beyond just football. The club actively engages with its supporters and residents through various charitable initiatives and outreach programs. The Wrexham AFC Community Trust works to promote health, education, and social inclusion, providing opportunities for young people to participate in sports and educational activities. The club also supports local causes, such as food bank drives and fundraising for local charities. Additionally, Wrexham FC hosts events and clinics that bring players and fans together, fostering a strong bond between the team and the community. This commitment to community engagement underscores Wrexham FC’s dedication to making a positive impact off the pitch.

Financial History and Challenges

Over the years, Wrexham FC has had some tough times with money. Back in the early 2000s, they had a lot of debt and even had to go into administration, which meant they needed help to sort out their money problems. This was a really hard time for the club, and they even lost points in the league because of it. But the fans and the club didn’t give up. In 2011, the Wrexham Supporters Trust stepped in and took over the club. They focused on keeping the club connected to the community and managing the money better. This helped Wrexham get back on its feet and start thinking about the future again. Then, in 2020, things got even better when famous actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney took over the club. Their involvement has brought new hope and money to Wrexham, with big plans to make the club even better. This journey highlights the club’s ability to overcome adversity and strive for a brighter future.

Future Outlook

Wrexham FC has big plans for the future, especially since Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney took over. They’re aiming to move up to higher leagues, starting with getting back into the English Football League. The club also wants to make improvements, like upgrading their stadium, the Racecourse Ground, to make it even better for fans on match days. They’re also thinking about growing their fanbase worldwide and finding new ways to make money. But they haven’t forgotten about the local community either.

They’re still focused on supporting local causes and keeping their connection strong with the fans. These plans show that Wrexham FC is looking ahead to an exciting future, hoping to bring back their past success and keep it going for a long time.


In summary, Wrexham FC is an old and strong football team with a great history. They started in 1864 and played at the Racecourse Ground, a famous stadium. They’ve won many Welsh Cup games and had exciting wins in the FA Cup. The fans love the team a lot, and the players like Arfon Griffiths and Gary Bennett are famous. Even though they’ve had money problems, they keep going, and a recent big change shows they’re doing well. Wrexham FC is really important in Welsh football, and they’re still aiming for more success in the future. They’ve left a big mark on football history.