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How Uisees Technology Works

autonomous uisee chinese manufacturing upgrade fundliaotechcrunch

Uisee a Chinese autonomous driving technology company recently raised $154M in a Series D fundraising round.

Uisee has been developing its autonomous driving technology for the past few years and now offers its users access to a comprehensive suite of tools and services to help them deploy its technology.

This article will explain how Uisee’s autonomous driving technology works.

Overview of Uisee

Uisee is a leading international provider of advanced autonomous driving technologies. Founded in 2016, the company has quickly become one of the world’s foremost providers in this field, focusing on creating safe, reliable, and affordable self-driving solutions for people and businesses. Uisee has achieved impressive results in its short history, raising $154M from investors — one of the largest series B fundraising rounds ever for an autonomous driving technology company at that time.

Uisee is a full-stack autonomous driving developer with products that include hardware modules, computer vision algorithms, and a strong software platform for integrating and deploying autonomous vehicles. Its system integrates camera-based sensing, AI-based software frameworks, cloud computing services, and real-time analytics in its fully contained lateral control system and other safety features. In addition, Uisee’s proprietary organic intelligence (OI) technology scales with ever-increasing vehicle autonomy, making it easier to apply various advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) as appropriate.

The company offers several core products for applications ranging from automotive to military-grade vehicle systems where a high reliability rate is required. It also provides services like mapping capabilities that can be used by mobility companies such as ride-share companies building their autonomous fleets, as well as automakers looking to incorporate automated functions into their new or older models. Additionally, Uisee’s open interface platform enables clients to develop their own mission-level applications that can tap into UiSee’s state-of-the-art autonomous driving technology, ensuring time and cost-effective solutions are available when customers need them most.

Overview of Uisee’s technology

I see is a Chinese autonomous driving company that has recently raised $154M to continue developing its groundbreaking vehicle perception technology. Their goal is to make driving safer, more efficient, and more comfortable for passengers and drivers.

Uisee’s core technology lies in its vision-based vehicle perception awareness system. The system utilizes cameras and LiDAR sensors to provide 360-degree situational awareness for vehicles and can identify obstacles such as other cars, pedestrians, cyclists, and animals over 200 meters away. Of particular interest is the company’s self-developed computer vision algorithms which will allow vehicles to identify objects even in low visibility conditions.

In addition to this core technology, Uisee is also focused on high-accuracy lane detection and advanced obstacle tracking technology, which allows cars to track moving objects like cyclists in real-time. The company reports that its lane detection system can detect lanes up to 30 meters away with a margin of error of less than 0.5%.

To complement this sophisticated perception capability, Uisee also has developed robust path-planning algorithms that enable autonomous driving systems to make decisions in real-time while safely avoiding potential collisions with other cars and people. Finally, the company is working on multi-vehicle collaboration technologies that allow different autonomous vehicles to coordinate together – enabling them to better share information about the environment and dynamically adjust their routes for optimal collaboration performance.

These aspects combine to create a powerful product offering from Uisee that could revolutionize the autonomous driving industry in the coming years.

autonomous uisee 150m chinese national fundliaotechcrunch

Autonomous Driving Technology

Autonomous driving technology has become increasingly popular in the tech world. For example, Uisee, a company based in China, has raised $154M to invest in its autonomous driving technology, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technology to help vehicles navigate safely without human intervention.

This article will explore how Uisee’s autonomous driving technology works.

Uisee’s Autonomous Driving System

Uisee is a popular autonomous driving solutions and services provider with advanced computer vision and deep learning capabilities. Located in Beijing, the company aims to bridge the gap between current technologies and the ultimate goal of fully autonomous driving.

Uisee’s autonomous driving system is based on three core competencies: perception, spatial planning, and decision-making. Its sensors detect vehicles, pedestrians, lane markings, and other objects in the environment around it. Uisee’s HD maps combine 3D reconstruction with accurate positioning data to improve accuracy when navigating an environment. Their software runs multiple redundant algorithms to ensure safer decisions are made by their system in complex scenarios.

Their comprehensive technology stack brings together highly advanced abilities such as drawing detailed road sign information from distant objects depending on their scale and lighting conditions, object recognition accuracy in harsh environments; time obstacle detection for motion sensing vehicles & dynamic environment facilitation within dense Urban spaces; lane keeping control & path planning methods for accurate autonomous vehicle navigation; real-time 3D mapping with ultrafast SLAM & cost based route optimization algorithms that identify significant cost savings opportunities when performing delivery services; & HD maps with realistic views & seamless coverage of both traditional roads & newly constructed areas.

All of these skills combined make Uisee’s platform ideal for fleet applications. In addition, Uisee raised $154 million in a series C funding round, demonstrating investors’ confidence in their technology stack to push forward self-driving solutions at an enterprise level.

Uisee’s Sensor Fusion Technology

Uisee is a Chinese startup pioneering the development of Autonomous Driving technology. The company has raised $154M for its sensor fusion technology capable of recognizing and classifying obstacles up to 200 meters away and at speeds beyond 60 mph. Uisee’s sensor fusion technology comprises three components: camera, Lidar, and Ultrasonic radar.

The camera system captures images from a distance to detect small objects more efficiently than traditional single cameras. It can see obstacles up to 40 meters away at speeds up to 30 km/h. The camera is used for object detection and recognition.

The Lidar captures data with laser beams to analyze depth information, environment orientation, and obstacle direction, as well as detect nearby cars or pedestrians that cross into the intended lanes or areas of the autonomous vehicle’s path. It can detect obstacles up to 50 meters away at speeds over 60 mph.

The Ultrasonic Radars are used for precise accuracy in speed identification and obstacle avoidance at a closer range than other sensors, making them useful on congested roads or track braking/acceleration performance when entering tight spaces or parking garages. It can detect obstacles up to 10 meters away at all speeds below 30 km/h Proximity alerts are sent when an object gets too close because it helps the vehicle respond quickly by slowing down or steering out of the way automatically in a crisis such as an unavoidable traffic jam or upcoming car crash a couple of seconds before they start happening.

With this comprehensive sensing infrastructure works together seamlessly with HD Maps, global positioning information gathered from satellites, as well as collected data from various aspects, including weather data flow traffic conditions which make sure Uisee’s autonomous vehicles can make real-time decisions with complete safety assurance even when conditions are constantly changing.

autonomous uisee 150m transformation upgrade fundliaotechcrunch

Uisee’s Deep Learning Algorithms

Uisee is a Chinese tech company known for its pioneering autonomous driving technology. It works with artificial intelligence, deep learning algorithms and computer vision to develop sensing solutions that can recognize and make sense of road conditions in real-time.

Uisee has been making headlines recently for raising $154 million in investment from notable technology companies, including Volkswagen Group China’s VC unit. The funding will be used to power the company’s Autonomous Driving Division, which focuses on developing high-precision autonomous driving technologies.

The company’s deep learning algorithms are based on Convolution Neural Network (CNN). They leverage CAD (computer-aided design) models of roads as training data and are trained to recognize static objects such as lane markings, signs, poles, and trees, while also being able to distinguish dynamic objects such as cars and pedestrians.

Uisee has developed multiple technologies including Autonomous Driving Assistance System (ADAS), Park Assist System (PAS) and Autonomous Parking Protocols to provide comprehensive autonomous driving solutions. Their technologies offer a wide range of features designed to optimize safety on the roads such FahrSense™ – Uisee’s deep learning-based lane detection system. This kind of solutions have made Uisee a leader in next generation Autonomous Driving Technology by providing innovative solutions geared towards smarter transportation options for passengers and drivers alike​.

Uisee raises $154M for autonomous driving technology

Uisee, a Chinese autonomous driving company, has recently raised $154M in venture capital for its autonomous driving technology. This capital injection highlights the company’s progress as well as the level of confidence investors have in Uisee’s technology and capabilities.

Let’s take a closer look at how Uisee’s autonomous driving technology works.

Overview of Uisee’s Funding

Uisee is a Chinese autonomous driving technology company. In November of 2019, the startup announced the completion of its Series C+ round funding at $154 million,making it one of the highest funded startups in its field before entering 2020. This infusion of capital will allow Uisee to expand its product development and research into autonomous driving technologies that are more affordable and safer than existing solutions.

Uisee’s funding round was led jointly by Asia Growth Capital, Yunqi Partners and China Everbright Limited. All three investors have strong portfolios in robotics and artificial intelligence related companies and have a deep understanding of Uisee’s vision to deliver cost-effective and reliable autonomy solutions to numerous industries around the world.

This latest round makes Uisee one of the best funded startups in China’s automotive industry. Founded in 2016, Uisee has been making strategic investments into emerging technologies for autonomous driving such as LiDARs, cameras, AI algorithms, etc. With this fresh injection of capital, Uisee expects to accelerate its product development for both consumer car OEMs as well as automated public transportation systems such as buses or shuttles in smart cities.

Breakdown of Uisee’s Funding

In April of 2019, Uisee Technology, an autonomous driving company based in China, raised $154 million in a Series C Funding Round. As part of the package, four investors co-led the round along with additional support from current investors such as IN#ADVANCE Investments and Mitsui & Co., Global Investment.

This funding round puts the total amount of capital raised by Uisee since its foundation in 2015 up to around US$280 million. This money is being used by Uisee to further develop its autonomous driving technologies, establish research and development chains internationally and commercialize their driverless car platform.

Uisee has strategically invested these funds into four key areas:

1) Autonomous Driving: The bulk of the funding is being directed towards developing technology related to autonomous driving. In a recent press release, Uisee announced that they were deploying new HAD mechanism and launching production-level software platforms for their Level 3 vehicles. To help drive this investment further, Uisee intends to create a Driverless Vehicle Architecture (DVA) system to quickly build DSP functions for mass production cars and establish end-to-end integrated machine vision solutions for automated driving applications accessible across multiple Scenarios like highway or downtown environments etc.

2) Artificial Intelligence: Uisse also plans invests some portion of funds into different AI technologies deep learning algorithms that are smaller, smarter and run with higher performance from edge devices at low cost compared with traditional embedded systems so as to provide a better vision experience while significantly reduce time to market (TTM). Additionally, they have developed their B7 artificial intelligence architecture which balances speed with efficiency at the same time by combining end-to-end learning algorithms with cutting edge evolutionary models; such is done by utilizing GPUs equipped on exiting computing equipments instead on purchase/online cloud services while keeping high accuracy rate in real time operation scenarios.

3) Vehicle Cloud Systems: By building tightly connected vehicles powered by cloud that are open environment where big data visualization tools can produce insights more quickly; this will help further enhance more safety driven vehicle networks that can learn more easily through collaboration thus reducing TTM in product development processes drastically when meeting changing customer demands or managing regulations etc.. Along this route it will be possible for the company ti launch an open cloud platform supporting comprehensive services including smart charging stations locating service network connection intelligent scheduling etc.. In addition, substantial amounts will be spent on developing premium virtual HMI systems providing intuitive user interaction capabilities allowing providing customers tailored experiences within concept studies numerous consumer scenarios as well as automated searching route planning convenient parking etc..

4) Autonomous Validation Program: The rest of the money shall be applied into an exclusive organization – Autonomous Validation Program (AVP), entirely responsible for verifying safety performance quality reliability digital simulation obstacle detection environment perception according international standards ISO 26262 EN12966 ASIL rating system even NHTSA norms if needed while continuously improving product capability schedules one step forward securing advanced operation reliability reliability stability level 4 5 levels operations under severe weather conditions over years possibly decades come close maximum usability consumers worldwide hope guarantee not just ultimate reliability accountability but provide added benefit enable better governance frame deliverable project success any mission set core experience value intended within product integration chain sought mentioned preliminary milestones listing above implementations initiatives aimed completion any procedure mentioned technical proposal project summary respective orders contract bodies assigned representatives departments approval official signatures added.

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autonomous uisee chinese national upgrade fundliaotechcrunch

Benefits of Uisee’s Technology

Uisee’s technology offers a range of advantages that can be leveraged to improve autonomous driving. It enables the development of more precise and accurate self-driving cars that feature improved safety, reliability, and cost-efficiency. Furthermore, Uisee’s technology allows for faster development of autonomous driving AI systems, resulting in a shorter deployment time of the solutions.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of Uisee’s technology.

Improved Safety

Uisee’s autonomous driving technology has the potential to significantly improve the safety of both passenger vehicles and commercial fleets. The advanced digital mapping systems and AI-driven analytics used by Uisee’s systems process and respond to changes in driving situations almost instantaneously, allowing drivers to react quickly and safely in a variety of situations.

The combination of hardware, software, AI and sensor technology also allows for improved vehicle guidance, navigation, braking assistance and collision avoidance. This means that Uisee’s systems are prepared to recognize potential hazards before they actually happen, enabling drivers to adjust accordingly. As vehicles become increasingly connected through cloud-based systems like 5G networks, these technologies will become even more accurate over time.

Another area where Uisee contributes greatly to overall roadway safety is in its comprehensive set of driver monitoring technologies. By scanning facial expressions and body movements, Uisee can detect signs of distraction or drowsiness far more quickly than human drivers can – allowing for quick action if a driver appears to be falling asleep or loses focus from the road ahead. Moreover, with its highly sophisticated sensors providing 360 degree imaging on the perimeter of vehicles at all times, Uisees detects both stationary objects as well as other moving vehicles in real time – greatly simplifying the process of avoiding potentially hazardous situations on highways and other roads with high traffic density.

Improved Efficiency

Uisee is a Chinese autonomous driving technology provider that has raised nearly US$154 million in Series B+ funding to push its innovative solutions forward. The technology combines computer vision, sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver a self-driving driving experience – or self-awareness capabilities – with enhanced efficiency.

Uisee’s system recognizes objects, such as road signs and lane markings, as well as track where cars have parked and drivers have stopped to pay tolls. This sophisticated system also takes into account unpredictable behaviors on the road—such as emergency stops—and adjusts quickly.

Uisee’s state-of-the-art solutions run faster than traditional systems and are more reliable in terms of accuracy, safety level, security and scalability. Its tech ensures the accurate positioning of vehicles while improving their lane following ability. This reduces easily avoidable errors caused by manual intervention, which can lead to safety problems or even casualties on roads. Uisee also helps reduce unnecessary braking time, thus increasing fuel efficiency cost savings on the road.

Uisee’s advanced autonomous driving technology is versatile and comprehensive across multiple applications—from passenger vehicles to commercial fleets, smart cities, logistics and delivery scenarios — paving the way for safer roads for all users across all industries.

Reduced Costs

Uisee’s autonomous driving technology offers enormous economic and environmental benefits by reducing the cost of transportation. The company has developed a range of technological solutions to make vehicles safer and more reliable, while significantly reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Uisee’s technology is divided into two main categories – vehicle sensors and artificial intelligence. The goal is to use both types of technologies in conjunction with each other to create safe, efficient autonomous vehicles capable of operating in different environments. By combining state-of-the-art sensor technology with powerful artificial intelligence algorithms, Uisee’s systems are able to detect objects on the road and immediately adjust their speed accordingly, ensuring safe operation at all times.

The use of these technologies within Uisee’s autonomous vehicles reduces the need for drivers, significantly reducing labor costs associated with drivers’ salaries and associated overhead costs such as insurance and maintenance. The automation also reduces operational costs due to a decrease in fuel consumption, improved safety, increased efficiency, and greater accuracy than manual driving. Through its mass production capabilities which utilize high-precision manufacturing methods, Uisee is able to lower component prices which further reduces operational costs. These reduced operational costs are what makes Uisee’s autonomous driving tech alluring to investors who see an opportunity for economic return on their investments due to projected savings in long term ownership expenses.

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