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How does Stilt help immigrants?

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Stilt is the first fintech company to provide financial services specifically tailored to immigrant communities in the United States. It recently raised $14 million in a Series A funding round, secured $100 million in debt financing, and launched a new API that helps fintechs offer credit building tools.

In this article, we’ll explore what Stilt is, what it does, and how it is helping immigrants with financial services.

Overview of Stilt

Stilt is an international financial services provider focused on immigrants, refugees and the under-banked. Stilt launched in 2015 with a mission to ‘empower immigrants to thrive financially in the world’s most powerful economies’ and recent developments have underscored its position as an essential provider of credit building tools and lending solutions.

The company recently obtained $14 million in Series A funding and $100 million in long-term debt. In addition, it launched an API (Application Programming Interface) designed to help fintechs build upon Stilt’s technology platforms.

The API allows developers to efficiently implement credit decisions into core banking services such as platform integrations, lenders and other financial institutions serving marginalized customers such as those with bad or no credit history. In addition, this API enables potential customers to understand their eligibility for a loan product through realistic simulations that can be improved by translating offers into accessible results for informed decision making about future borrowing.

With over 150K enrolled customers, Stilt has grown rapidly since its launch and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The company is committed to harnessing the power of data to serve its customers more holistically and provide an unduplicated customer experience fueled by data-driven decision making.

Financial Services Offered

Stilt, a financial services provider to immigrants, has recently raised a $14M Series A and $100M in debt and launched an API to help fintechs offer credit building tools. This investment has allowed them to offer various financial services to immigrants, including loans and lines of credit.

In this article, we will discuss more about the financial services offered by Stilt and their benefits.

Loan Products

Stilt provides access to specialized loan products designed specifically for immigrants. The SASS loan program allows immigrants to obtain funds for housing, transportation, education, start-up capital and other financial needs, irrespective of citizenship or credit score. Stilt also offers short-term loans ranging from $500-$2500. This quick access capital can be used to pay legal fees, avoid unexpected expenses while waiting on salaries and wages, and cover costs associated with staying in the United States. In addition, stilt loans feature competitive rates with flexible repayment terms, so you don’t have to worry about falling behind on payments or incurring high penalties.

Additionally, Stilt helps immigrants build up their credit score with its unique Credit Builder program. Through this product, an immigrant can make recurring payments towards a secured loan whose funds are released only after completion of all monthly payments in full. The credit history associated with these payments will then be reported to the main credit bureaus helping the immigrant build up their score and gain cheaper access to other financial products.

Credit Building Tools

At Stilt, we understand that many immigrants lack access to critical financial services. Research conducted by the FDIC has revealed that nearly 18% of US households are unbanked or underbanked. As a provider of financial services to immigrants, we aim to bridge this divide and provide access to credit building tools and other forms of financing.

We’ve just raised a $14M Series A funding round and $100M in debt to achieve this goal. In addition, we’ve launched an API offering flexible data sets and extensibility options for our partners. Through these features, fintechs can offer credit building tools specifically tailored to the needs of immigrants.

With Stilt’s credit building tools, immigrants can track their bills in real time with automatic payments and apply for personalized lending opportunities tailored to their unique financial situation. Furthermore, they can establish a U.S.-based line of credit and use it as leverage for research scholarships or lower interest rates on mortgages or car loans.

Our goal is ultimately to provide immigrants with greater freedom and autonomy in managing their finances—regardless of their immigration status or country of origin—and access the same opportunities afforded to non-immigrants regarding banking services. With these new resources in hand, we believe all immigrants have the potential to thrive financially no matter where they come from.

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Benefits to Immigrants

Stilt is a financial services provider dedicated to helping immigrants. It recently raised $14 million Series A and $100 million in debt to power its mission of helping immigrants access fair and affordable financial products.

Additionally, Stilt launched an API that allows fintechs to leverage Stilt’s infrastructure to offer credit building tools to their customers. These developments create opportunities for immigrants, allowing them to access more resources.

Low-Cost Loans

One of the benefits of Stilt’s offerings is its low-cost loan options for immigrants. Stilt provides access to unsecured loans with a personal APR range between 10.99-29.99%. This can particularly benefit immigrants who don’t qualify for traditional loans due to their history or lack of credit standing in the United States. In addition, these personal loans are offered without a hard credit check, which means there is no impact to your credit score when applying.

Stilt also offers refinancing options that allow individuals to refinance high-interest debt such as bank cards and payday loans with fixed repayment plans at a much lower interest rate than they originally had. This helps people manage their debt more efficiently, freeing up funds and enabling them to take advantage of other financial opportunities and investments sooner than later.

Overall, by having access to fair lending from Stilt and its network of lenders, immigrants can gain greater financial independence and stability in the U.S., allowing them to achieve their goals and dreams in life with fewer financial barriers holding them back.

Credit Building Tools

Since 2016, Stilt has provided financial services to immigrants underbanked by traditional banking services. Their latest round of financing has allowed them to expand their services even further, particularly with the launch of their API. Through this technology, they are empowering fintechs worldwide to offer credit building tools that have multiple benefits for immigrants.

Stilt’s API allows third-party partners to use their trusted system within their platform and deploy credit building tools designed specifically for immigrant populations. This provides a more seamless experience for customers, who can now benefit from a wide range of credit and banking offerings through one source. Customers also receive tailored advice on how best to build up their credit history using a selection of available tools such as budgeting, comparison and recommendation engines as well as notifications and intelligent advice from Stilt’s team.

By offering tailored advice geared towards each customer’s situation, Stilt is helping immigrants establish strong financial bases and build healthy credit profiles with minimal effort or knowledge about financial structures and strategies. Additionally, the API allows users to set up customized goals; track progress; receive personalized notifications and reminders; consult with advisors; share progress with family members or employers; understand account health in real-time; open lines of credit when eligible; pay bills in time with automated payments through debit/credit cards or bank transfers; have faster transactions to facilitate quick purchases like rent deposit/payment or airline tickets purchase/cancellation etc..

Ultimately, this increased convenience makes it easier for an immigrant population that faces discrimination within the traditional banking industry than going through regular banks can provide them an outlet where they know they will be provided the same opportunities as someone else in the same situation while taking advantage of a platform they trust too customize their financial profile adequately according to their needs.

Access to Financial Services

Financial inclusion is key to ensuring equitable opportunities for immigrants around the world. Stilt, a California-based financial services company providing access to credit building tools and other resources to immigrants, is helping make this possible through its $14M Series A Round of financing, $100M in debt financing, and launch of an API.

Stilt’s API allows fintechs to offer credit building tools specifically tailored to immigrants’ needs. These tools enable access to financial services regardless of where individuals come from or how long they have been in their host countries. Through the API platform, immigrants gain access to credit building opportunities and other essential banking services such as bank accounts and payments capabilities – both of which are key for those living and working abroad.

A key differentiator that sets Stilt apart from other companies offering these same services is their use of machine learning algorithms which can assess a customer’s eligibility for loans based on their data such as job duration, educational background, and current country of residence. These algorithmic insights level the playing field for those who would otherwise be excluded from traditional lending due to lack of traditional banking records or credit history in their countries of origin. This unique approach enables immigrants with limited financial data to access better terms on borrowing or savings products without paying large fees up-front or waiting weeks for results.

Ultimately, this gives them greater control over their future by allowing them to build strong credit histories so they can easily transition into different products over time while providing more affordable options. Thus making it easier for them to move up within their current framework and increase their economic mobility at home or abroad as needed.

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Stilt, a provider of financial services to immigrants, raises a $14M Series A and $100M in debt and launches an API to help fintechs offer credit building tools (Mary Ann Azevedo/TechCrunch)

Stilt, a provider of financial services to immigrants, recently raised $14 million in a Series A funding round and secured another $100 million in debt.

This new influx of capital is expected to help Stilt continue to provide a range of services to help immigrants, such as credit building tools, access to financial services, and more.

Stilt has also launched an API that will allow other fintechs to implement its credit building tools.

Overview of Series A Funding

Series A funding is a startup’s first significant round of venture capital financing. It typically follows seed funding and helps expand the operations, launch products and services, hire personnel and increase the customer base of a startup while maintaining greater ownership control. It is the point when the company moves from being a “pre-revenue” startup to a more developed business with more substantial revenues and cash flows.

Stilt, a provider of financial services to immigrants, recently raised a $14M Series A in equity alongside $100M in debt. With these additional investments, Stilt plans to expand their current core services – offering financial guidance for immigrants and checking accounts and low-cost loans with no credit check – and bolster its customer reach. Additionally, Stilt has launched an API (Application Programming Interface) that will offer developers tools to build credit building products for low-income citizens to access better loan offers and interest rates in future transactions.

Benefits of Series A Funding

Series A funding rounds are a great way for early-stage startups to take their business from seed stage to greater heights. For Stilt, this means securing ample capital for their innovative financial services for immigrants. Financing of this kind can be incredibly beneficial and has the potential to help a startup achieve significant growth as it becomes more established.

Secure funding can be used to hire more talent and increase marketing efforts to expand the reach of the product, while also being able to invest in further development and scale production. In addition, during a Series A round of financing, investors become shareholders, which means they too are interested in ensuring your business succeeds.

Stilt’s Series A round also meant that investors were willing to extend $100 million worth of debt, providing the additional capital needed for development and expansion; allowing them to bring their financial services offerings worldwide. Beyond traditional venture investments there are now terms available including revenue share loans and royalty financing that provide flexible options if your business does not yet qualify for venture investments but still needs support. Moreover, Stilt’s launch of an API provides developers with access to credit building tools, optimizing both credit access capabilities and potential opportunities for partners down the line should Stilt expand into other areas.

Launching an API

Stilt, a financial services provider to immigrants, recently raised a $14M Series A and $100M in debt and launched an API to help fintechs offer credit building tools.

This API is designed to help immigrants access financial services such as credit building, loan repayment plans, etc.

Let’s look at how this API might work and how it could benefit immigrants.

Overview of API

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of protocols and tools for building software applications. APIs are sometimes called “building blocks” because they provide the data and functions necessary to build an application. For example, if you wanted to create a messaging app, you would need an API to access the messaging functions on smartphones and computers.

Stilt, a financial services provider to immigrants, is launching their API to help fintechs offer credit building tools. This API will provide the necessary data and functions so that banks and other financial institutions can offer credit-building products tailored specifically for immigrants.

Through this API, Stilt hopes to make credit-building accessible and affordable for immigrants worldwide. The API will also allow developers access to real-time data about immigrants’ finances, including: banking information, account balances, transactions history, credit scores and debt accumulation rates.

Developers can build products tailored towards helping immigrants improve their financial health by providing access to services such as microloans and savings accounts in multiple currencies. In addition, Stilt’s API also includes features such as predictive analytics or machine learning algorithms which can help customers optimize their financial decisions or manage their funds more efficiently than before.

With Stilt’s Series A funding of $14M and $100M in debt financing launching an API is well within reach for them now!

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Benefits of API

Developers often find that using APIs to build applications can be cost-effective and time-saving. An application programming interface, or API, provides developers with server data access, allowing them to create different functions within an application. As a result, it is quickly becoming an essential part of the development process for any software product.

Stilt’s new API offers several benefits to financial services providers, improving their ability to offer credit building tools and making their services more accessible and efficient. The API provides developers access to Stilt’s core technology, allowing fintechs & other financial institutions to build custom solutions quickly and cost effectively. The API also covers everything from basic banking needs like setting up checking accounts and paying bills to applying for loans, for both current & potential customers of Stilt’s products.

By leveraging the power of the API, providers can streamline their operations while providing customers with easy access from multiple devices & channels including web and mobile applications as well as direct integration into existing customer service platforms. These enhanced capabilities will enable Stilt users to more easily manage their financial activities whenever & wherever they need it — whether registering for a new account or paying bills online. This level of control over one’s finances ultimately helps immigrants boost their credit scores by demonstrating responsible payment habits over time no matter where they’re located.


The news of Stilt’s recent acquisition of $14 million in Series A and $100 million in debt is a major win for immigrants, especially those in the US. The funds will be used to provide financial services like loans and credit building tools for immigrants that can help them access the necessary resources to achieve their goals.

In addition, the launch of its API further allows fintechs to develop products and services tailored towards providing financial security to immigrants in an ever-evolving economy.

Stilt’s commitment to helping immigrants provides a much-needed service by allowing them better access to banking services and credit building opportunities they may not have been able to get before. This type of assistance will greatly benefit individuals throughout their lifetime as they can obtain necessary resources to make all the difference in achieving their goals.

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