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Can Unemployment Track My Location?

Find out if unemployment can track your location when you do so.

Unemployment benefits are paid by the state to provide a source of income to individuals who’ve lost their jobs. While these benefits ease the stress of losing a job, states require individuals to look for employment.

Nobody from the state’s unemployment insurance office will come after you to ensure you’re looking for a job, but you must submit weekly claims on your state’s unemployment website. If you log in to your account and make a weekly claim from an IP address outside your state, the system may flag it.

That’s why many are wondering if unemployment can track their locations. This article will answer this question while covering general information about unemployment benefits and your location.

Does the Unemployment System Check My Location?

Yes, your state’s unemployment website, where you claim your weekly benefits, checks your IP address. Although this is a preventative measure against identity theft and fraud, unemployment offices also ensure you’re within the state and looking for a job this way.

Can I Travel While Receiving Unemployment?

If you plan to travel to another state or abroad while on unemployment, you may want to contact your state’s unemployment insurance office beforehand. Depending on your state, you can travel and continue receiving unemployment benefits once you’re back. However, there may be rules on how long and where you can travel.

For example, your state may allow you to travel for a week or two while on unemployment benefits. However, your eligibility for unemployment insurance is determined every week regardless of your state. Since being outside the country will make you ineligible, you cannot claim your unemployment benefits while you’re gone. Once you come back, you’ll be able to claim your unemployment benefits.

What if I Use a VPN to Submit My Weekly Claims?

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are useful tools that can help you get around many things. You can stream TV shows and movies that aren’t streaming or access platforms that aren’t available in the US.

When it comes to using a VPN to file weekly claims, it is too risky to try. State websites are sophisticated enough to know when someone is using a VPN to file weekly claims. Once you submit your weekly claim on the unemployment website, the system will flag it and cease your benefits immediately.

However, navigating the website using a VPN will not flag anything. The system will only freeze your account when you file your weekly claim. Having said all this, never log in and file your weekly unemployment claim using a VPN.

Yes, Employment Can Track Your Location

Although nobody will come after you in person to check if you’re actively looking for a job while on unemployment, your state’s unemployment website will review the IP address of your device to ensure you’re not out of state.

Using a VPN or other tools that hide your location will only make things worse and halt your payments. If you plan on traveling, contact your state’s unemployment insurance office to know where and how long you can travel without getting cut off from your benefits.

Check Your Eligibility for Unemployment Insurance

Now that you know that unemployment can track your location, you should be wise about your plans. If you’re yet to apply for unemployment benefits, check your state’s website for eligibility.

Typically, you’ll need to be unemployed through no fault of your own and have earned wages during a specific period that meet your state’s requirements. You’ll also need to be able to work and ready to accept employment immediately.

If you don’t know every detail about your employment history to check your eligibility, use Free People Search. It’s a tool that scans public databases and compiles information about individuals, including employment history. You can then use your up-to-date employment information to fill out the necessary fields and complete your eligibility check.