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5 Ways to Advertise Your Company in NYC

In New York City, thousands of businesses are trying to be seen and succeed. Whether you are an established business or a start-up, you want to get the word out about your company and promote what you have to offer!Several ways to advertise your company in New York include partnerships with other organizations, NYC billboards, and social media. With so many options, you may wonder which will help you reach the most people. To help your business thrive, we have compiled five ways to advertise your company. Continue reading to discover the benefits of each!


As New York is a city where everyone is always on the go, a great option to promote your business is through billboards. In 2019, the US Census noted that the average commute time for those aged 16+ was 37 minutes. Whether by subway, motorcycle, or car, people pass billboards plastered on buildings, underground, and bus stops.

Consumers will inevitably see the billboards in their travels, which makes it an excellent advertising investment. Discover your NYC billboard options, and consider the best placement for your advertisement. If your company appeals to young people, you may want to consider placing the billboard near a college. Or, if you are targeting entrepreneurs or business people, put your billboard on a crowded highway that leads to prominent office buildings.

Social Media

Another great way to promote your goods and services is through social media. Social media has several benefits, such as connecting with your audience, showing off your products, and establishing your brand identity. You can post your content routinely, as well as stories and live sessions, to quickly answer any questions people may have about what you offer. Try using polls, contests, and hashtags to engage your audience! In addition, you can put money behind paid social media ads, which will distribute your content to a broader audience. With features such as location and age targeting, you can reach the people in New York City that are most likely interested in what you offer. Since you can choose how much you want to spend, you can test different media types and ideas to see what works best. Discover the features of social media advertising and add a bit of budget to start strategizing!


Another way to reach more people is by partnering with other businesses, community organizations, and charities. Partnerships will help you attract customers you may have otherwise not reached. Set goals with your partner to make sure the collaboration is mutually beneficial for both of you. Whether you offer bundle discounts, host an event, or introduce a new product, leveraging each other’s existing audiences will help bring you more success. Another great way to build brand awareness is by sponsoring a charitable event. Typically, the events will include your logo in their marketing materials, so you will find people who may need your services and will trust you because of your ties to the charity they support.

Share Real Stories

The best way to get loyal customers is through sharing authentic stories. Not only does storytelling help bring your brand to life, but it also makes the company more relatable and trustworthy. People want to know how others have benefitted from your goods and services and hear your business story. Would you prefer to go to a dentist with customers who have raved about the service they received or one with no website or feedbacks? By encouraging customers to tell their stories and posting them on your social media and website, you will add credibility to your offer and attract more customers. The best part about customer feedbacks is that they’re free! If you provide something valuable to your audience, it will likely be easy to get great feedbacks.

Host an Event

Another great way to gain visibility is through a PR event. You can throw a party to launch a new product or service, recognize your achievement, or create buzz around your business.

Invite current and potential customers, investors, and social media influencers. By extending an invitation to content creators, you can reach people who may not be able to attend the event. You can also have giveaways, raffles, or introduce a contest! No matter how you plan the event, it’s a great way to create press about your products and services and show off your brand.


As you decide which advertising strategy you want to pursue, don’t forget to consider your audience and goals. For example, if your business wants to attract the elderly, social media may not be your best choice! Alternatively, if you wish to speak to business people on the go, NYC billboards are a sure way to reach them. By considering the details of your business and planning to advertise within your budget, you can attract more people and watch your business grow and succeed!