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5 Ways Slot Volatility Might Impact Your Tactics


Being fairly new to the world of online gambling, I had no idea what volatility meant. I sort of had an idea in terms of finance and the stock market. But when it came to online gaming, I guess I was a little naive.

As I grew to play a little more, I realised it was something that was actually quite important when it came to classic games such as fruit machines, in particular. It’s definitely something I should have learnt before I started playing!

It’s not just about the high wins and low wins and the opportunities; it can actually really impact the way you play and the tactics and strategies you can try to use. So, it turned out to be a lot more interesting than I thought.

So, I thought I’d share what I learned from my own experiences.

The Basics Of Understanding What It Means

Slot volatility, I’ve now learned, can also be referred to as ‘variance’, which means it measures the element of risk involved when you play. My understanding is that it’s how much and often you’ll get a payout from the money that you put in. If the volatility is high, then it’s likely you won’t win so often, but you’ll win big. If it’s low, you’ll get smaller wins but on a more regular basis.

So, here are my tips on how to find the right slots volatility for you and how it could impact your tactics. Follow these five simple rules, and you should be OK as follows:

●   Know your budget

●   Adjust bet size

●   Manage expectations

●   Track time

●   Be in a good frame of mind

Read on for more details about my five golden rules.

Know Your Budget

One of the very first things that I was conscious of when I started to play was how much money I had and trying to be realistic. So, learning about volatility really helped me get to grips with playing. If I were to choose high-volatility gambles, I’d have to prepare for longer periods without significant wins. But that would mean I needed more money.

So, with my budget, I opted for lower volatility so I can manage it and keep consistent returns if I am lucky enough.

Adjusting Bet Size

As someone who likes to play but doesn’t have a lot of money, betting strategies and the amount I put in were important to how I played.


With high volatility, I often found it hard and a bit stingy to lower my bet size. This strategy extended my gameplay, giving me more chances to hit a significant win. On the other hand, with low volatility, I felt more comfortable increasing my bets slightly, as frequent smaller wins helped maintain my balance and not start to get worried.

Managing Your Expectations

Understanding volatility levels also helped me manage my expectations.

With high volatility, I braced myself for the possibility of long-losing streaks, which meant celebrating the occasional big win and feeling amazing.

Low volatility types, however, taught me to appreciate steady, smaller wins, which kept the session enjoyable even without hitting massive jackpots.

Keep Track Of Time

The length of time I played also varied based on the level of pokies volatility. When it’s high it requires more time and patience. So, as a result, I learned not to rush and to play when I had enough time to enjoy it. On the other hand, when it was low it was better perfect for shorter sessions where I could enjoy steady wins without the prolonged waiting periods. And go enjoy the rest of my day too.

That being said, keeping track of how long you play can also give you a great insight into how it could impact your tactics and how you want to go about things. Definitely worth bearing in mind.

Be In The Right Mood

Finally, my mood goes up and down quite a bit as I have ADHD, and I can very easily get frustrated. So sometimes, I have to pick and choose which type of volatility is going to suit me at a given time. Big wins can be great, but I need to measure whether I have the capability to wait around that long and deal with unpredictability or would rather go for a smooth and steady wins-the-race kind of approach.


Everyone is different, but understanding the volatility of online casino playing can help you adjust to your own methods and enjoyment when it comes to entertainment.

My Overall View

Understanding how volatility works in this industry transformed my approach to playing. It influenced how I managed my budget, adjusted my bet sizes, managed my expectations, timed my sessions, leveraged bonuses, and even chose based on my mood. So, bear in mind when you play not just spinning reels but any online casino source of fun, that you can be strategic and find ways that are right for you when it comes to your gaming experience.