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How To Share Your Screen in Slack [Full Guide]

Screen sharing is a common feature of many online platforms, but it can be difficult to share your screen with others. Here’s how you can share your screen in Slack without installing any software.

The slack screen sharing control is a tool that allows users to share their screen in Slack. This article will show you how to use it.

Greetings, friends! How are things going for you? I believe you are looking for “How to share your screen in Slack” functional techniques. Please continue reading if you are a Slack user looking for this information. Read this post to learn about all of the ways to share your screen in Slack.

Slack Technologies is the company behind Slack. It’s a cloud-based collection of exclusive online team collaboration services and software solutions. Slack is a messaging platform. This is where you’ll find all of your files, tools, and messages.” Slack is a real-time communications platform.

In Slack, the Best Ways To Share Your Screen

How to share your screen in Slack

It includes a number of add-ons for various office products. Slack, on the other hand, does not need add-ins to utilize since its primary purpose is to communicate with others. In Slack, you can communicate in two ways: channels (where you may speak with a large group of people) and direct messaging (DM).

In Slack video conversations, Slack now allows paying users to share their displays. Slack’s new screen sharing feature will extend the platform’s collaboration possibilities for a lot of great freelancers and small company teams, and it will also allow clients to collaborate as if they weren’t in the same room. To utilize Slack’s screen sharing functionality, follow the instructions outlined below.

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According to the article, screen sharing in Slack is only accessible in the premium edition of the Slack desktop software for Mac and Windows devices. The browser-based version of Slack will not allow users to share displays. For screen sharing, the admin must activate the Slack calling function so that their users may utilize it.

In Slack, there are a variety of ways to share your screen.

How to share your screen in Slack

Slack used to enable all users to make calls to share their screens with other users. However, following the upgrade, Slack users will be able to interact with the screen by drawing, typing, and editing on it.

Companies are utilizing screen sharing in a number of ways during the slack screen sharing feature test. On ZAPIER, Slack provided an example, stating that the business “relies on interactive screen sharing so that two, three, or more people can work together and consumers can react to issues.” Their official blog is Zapier.

You may also bring your small company workers and yourself together and cooperate with interactive capabilities via Slack screen sharing, whether they are at home or in any field. If you want to check out the new slack screen sharing functionality, you’ll need to purchase a slack premiums plan in order to use the upgraded slack program in Windows or Mac desktop mode.

It’s extremely easy to activate Slack’s new amazing screen sharing functionality. During a slack call, you must perform a few things. All you have to do is click the ‘Share control of your screen’ option, which will give each call participant their own cursor. On the shared screen, they may now edit, text, and draw.

In Slack, there are a few key points to remember about screen sharing.

How to share your screen in Slack

Keep these thoughts in mind:

  • If you use Slack on Google Chrome, you can only view your team’s shared screen. However, you are unable to initiate a screen sharing from your end. You must use the Slack: Mac Desktop APP or Windows Desktop APP to share your screen.
  • By default, the person who is sharing the screen becomes an active speaker. Also, other users on the call can only see that user’s screen.
  • During the call, only one participant may share their screen at a time. When you’ve finished your job, you may pass control to the next person.

Who is eligible to utilize this service?

  • This amenity is readily accessible to all members and visitors.
  • Grid Subscriptions (Standard, Plus, and Enterprise)

In Slack, here’s how to share your screen.

How to share your screen in Slack

Slack’s basic calling function now includes screen sharing, which can be used from any channel or direct message. To begin a call, click the phone icon in Slack and then hit the “Share Screen” option. If you’re using more than one monitor, you’ll be prompted to choose a screen, and then you’ll be ready to present.

All other participants, including your mouse pointer, will see your screen while you’re on the call with them. After you share your screen, Slack turns off the video stream from your camera and turns it back on when you finish sharing your screen. When you share your screen with Slack, your alerts will be muted, so people will only see your screen and nothing else.

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You must enable Slack’s calling function for your team in order to utilize screen sharing. You may also utilize other calling applications if they work better for you or your company. There are many alternative extensions or apps for screen sharing in Slack accessible on the internet; you may use them to share your screen with your friends, coworkers, and others.

Slack purchased the Screenhero office tool in 2014 to expand its screen-sharing capabilities, and it is now expanding its interactive features to the official Slack applications. The integration process is now complete. Slack also announced that the screen sharing will be available on December 1st.


I hope that after reading this post, you can simply share your screen in Slack. You may leave a remark in the comments area if you have any ideas or need our assistance. Thank you very much.

The how to share screen in slack without call is a guide that will teach you how to share your screen with someone else in Slack.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I share my entire screen in slack?

You can share your entire screen by pressing the alt key on your keyboard.

How do I control my screen in slack?

You can use the command /slack

How do I share my screen in slack Mac?

You can share your screen with text by using the command screen shot followed by a shortcut.

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